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Sun Odyssey 33.1

The following letter was sent to us by Mr Robert C (Argentina) as soon as he returned from his sailing holiday on Sophia. Here, we reprint it in its entirety...

"My wife and I and our two sons, rented Sophia (33 foot Sun Odyssey) for a two week sailing holiday (Saturday 18th July to Friday 1st August 2003). Back home now, we would like to express our appreciation to Panagiotos PTOHOPOULOS, Georgio A..., and Mchalis M....

Saturday 18th July in Skiathos, and as instructed by Michalis, we contacted Georgio. During the very first few minutes with him, Michalis phoned to check up that we had met ! Georgio pointed out where Sophia was, and we met Panagiotis on board attending to the previous crew. He then gave us time to
inspect the boat whilst he went off to attend to the Port Authorities.

We immediately had a very good feeling for Sophia. It had been thoroughly cleaned, particularly well equipped, perfectly organized with instructions for each equipment and instrument. It soon became clear that we were on a boat cared for and maintained impeccably by her owner. I am convinced that few bareboats rival Sophia in terms of being well equiped and maintained. My heartiest congratulations to Panagiotis for maintaining in perfect condition a 10 year old boat used 20 weeks each year by different crews, every clew, every hinge, every latch, every everything was in reliable
working order. Panaiotis returned and gave us a neatly prepared folder with the Port Authorities documents, answered my questions, and patiently gave us instructions on the specific aspects of Sophia, her electronics, electrics, fluid circuits and mechanics.

Within a few hours we gently motored out to have a most exceptional vacation in that very attractive part of the World, a reliable wind, numerous islands, endless bays to anchor out for the night, and occasional stops at animated but very relaxed villages to do some shoping or a meal in
a nearby taverna.

400 delightful miles : Skiathos > Skopelos > Alonissos > Perastera > KiraPanazia > Evstratos > Lesvos > Skiros > Skantzoura > Platania > Tsoungria > Skiathos. Big tanks, so no need for water nor fuel for two weeks.

Back to Skiathos on Friday 1st as arranged, a colossal congestion of boats fighting to get a mooring, Georgio came with his wife and daughter to the quay side to battle with whoever is in charge. We then washed the boat, in and out, tanked up. Shortly later Panagiotis arrived from Volos, we moved
the boat, I told him the very few items that went wrong, a few minutes to scan the boat, he knew it had been treated like if it were my boat. For about an hour we had a beer together, he asked what could he add to improve even more the comfort of Sophia : we could only say a big 3x4 battened
awning to be strung over the boom between mast and toping lift to complement the Bimini (the beautifully built spray hood gives more shade but less breeze) . Good bye to Mr Panaiotis, we slept on the boat and left early Saturday morning.

To sum it up, you certainly put is in good hands and gave us a good boat !

Keep up the good work !"



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