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Comments from clients who sailed with us in 2014

Great, Mike and Lizzy were excellent. All went well weatherwise. I'll do it again with my granddaughters.
Thanks to you coordinating trip was a Success.

Joe & Joe C. (father and son from USA) sailed on board s/y Christiana IV from Lavrion to Santorini in October 2014.

"Everything was great. We had a amazing vacation, even more than expected. Four of our crew had not sailed before and were delighted. ANASSA is wonderful and we do not have any problems. We look forward to next season to sail."

Hristo N. (Bulgaria) and friends chartered s/y Anassa, Oceanis 40 from Volos in October. See their photos...

Kristen B (USA) and friends chartered s/y Catrina, Sun Odyssey 36i from Lavrion, in September 2014, with skipper, Antonis Nikolopoulos.

Tick boxes = excellent.

Nathan K, (USA) chartered s/y Idylle with Captain Thomas Vasillacos in September 2014 from Athens.

Dear Francesca,
Just back from an other sailing - trip in Spain we like to report you our last stay in Kos: With 3 weeks super sailing winds, a very good yacht (SO 41/13) and greece-sunshine we were very happy. From Capt.Pepos and his crew we got the best service in Kos Marina. Completely satisfied we will come back to you for our next aegean-charter 2015 of course.
Tanks Francesca for your very good assistance as you always do,  
YCI - Erwino

Erwino S. (Switzerland), repeat client, chartered s/y Fata Morgana, Oceanis 41 (2013) from Kos, for 3 weeks in September.

"A sensational 2 weeks! Thank you for the wonderful care you have taken of us and the way you anticipated our every need. A memorable and thoroughly enjoyable time for us all." Alice and Ian G.

Mr Denes M and party, from Australia, chartered m/y Elena from Athens, for 2 weeks in September 2014.

You can read the rest of their feedback here: Feedback 1 / Feedback 2

"Hey Jean!
Thank you so much for the awesome trip and also all the great laughs. You brought a lot of joy to us and this was the best vacation of our time." 

John & Margerita D., Fernandina Beach. (Greek Cyclades. July 2014).

Jean R, (USA) repeat client, chartered m/s Aegeotissa II for a week's cruise in the Greek islands in May, and another week in July 2014 for his guests and associates.

Feedback for Sun Odyssey 439

"I'd like to repeat this."

Mr Atil P (TR), repeat client, chartered s/y Mikonos, Sun Odyssey 439 Premier, from Athens - Lavrion in August - September 2014 with the same skipper as last year (specifically requested) Petros Karalias.

"The trip was amazing. The owner, skipper and boat were all excellent. We had a wonderful time. It was one of the best holidays. The weather and people were amazing. We hope to revisit soon."

Scott H (USA) chartered s/y Norma, Beneteau Oceanis 50 from Athens in September 2014


You have been an absolute delight to work with. I am deeply appreciative of your friendly, thorough service throughout the booking process. We are very much looking forward to this trip, and I just want to say thank you again for making this so pleasant.

I'm sorry we won't get a chance to say hello in person. We wish you the very best and can't wait to explore your part of the world!

Thank you,



We had a wonderful trip. Words cannot describe how beautiful the scenery or how moving the experience was for us. Our captain and hostess, Dimitri and Matina, were generous and giving. They took care of our every need and touched our hearts. We will think of them always.

Robby + Kim

Kim and Robby K (USA) chartered s/y Flipper, Lagoon 380 catamaran from Athens in September 2014, with skipper Dimitris Giannoulis and his partner, Matina, cook/hostess.

Read Kim and Robby's LETTER OF THE YEAR here and see more of their amazing photos!

Hi Francesca,
Yes, the cruise went indeed smoothly all along Corfu and its surrounding islands.I have enjoyed the company and the way how Thanos and Alicija run the boat and its passengers. Yes there were not so much wind (I still love sportive sailing...) but as I anticipated that it would not be the cyclades,I was ready for light sailing.The boat is fantastic, well maintained by his owner and Alicija brings all her kindness,efficiency and culinary imaginative art. I might indeed consider to rent Velos for having on board my nieces/nevews. The challenge will be to find the date that suit everyone! I will indeed contact you in due time should we succeed.
All the best,cheers

Francois B, (FR) repeat client, this year sailed in the Ionian islands on a share a sail trip about s/y Velos. August 2014.

Feedback from 14034
Mr George G, chartered s/y Kalydna, Bavaria 39 cruiser from Athens in August 2014, bareboat charter.

Feedback from 14028
Mr Serhiy K, (UKR) chartered s/y Idroussa, Oceanis 45 from Athens in August 2014, bareboat charter.

All tick boxes = excellent.
Mirco P, (IT) chartered s/y Erika, Oceanis 411, from Volos for 2 weeks in July-August 2014, bareboat charter.

Dear Francesca,

Thank you for your email, it was a wonderful two weeks away and the sailing experience was beautiful. We only actually "sailed" i.e. no motor on the last day to Mykonos.

We enjoyed our time with Alexandros but there was an obvious language barrier. In future, I think we would prefer to have a skipper with a better command of English but this is a minor issue.

The boat was fine however it was quite unfair on the guests who had the smaller rooms at the back which are cramped and get very hot. These are not suitable for two people. In fact, both couples used the salon and deck to sleep most nights as it was just too hot. The boat also leaked water into the cupboards when we were sailing on the last day but nothing major.

The base was very professional and the check-in went smoothly. I am assuming the deposit was not charged!

We didn't really have too much input into the itinerary, we went where he took us. This was fine but we would have preferred to have done more "sailing" i.e. no motor and been able to choose where we could moor in the evenings. We used the motor every day and we also wanted to participate more in the boat technicalities, sadly this did not happen. Again, maybe an issue with the language. Maybe next time a more dynamic and adventurous skipper would suit us best!

We were keen to repeat the experience and were interested to learn more about your fleet and territories. Maybe you could send something generic that has this information?

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your assistance, which was always prompt and professional! Bravo!

Many thanks,

Greg :-)

Greg W (CH) charterd s/y Achilleas, Bavaria 46 cruiser from Paros - Mykonos, with skipper Alexandros Christopoulos in August 2014.

Dear Francesca

We had wonderful holidays with the boat without any regret. I have already completed the feedback form upon our return to the harbour but I will be happy to send you again a brief feedback.
The boat was in very good working condition. No complains. The only problem was the outboard engine for the dingy, which after the first day it refuses to restart! Therefore we didn't use it for the rest of the cruise. We reported this to the base crew and I think that this engine needs a good maintenance.
The base crew was helpful, although because of their work-load on the arrival date, we checked quite later than expected. That was not a major problem, because these things happen. Otherwise they were very polite and helpful.

As you see we are very pleased with your services and we will contact you again next year for booking another sailing week in the Ionian. We are of course interested to the discounts you offer. Please note that we would be interested for a similar boat, probably late July 2015, but we have not yet fixed the dates.
We will contact you next year on this issue.
Thank you and best regards

Michael A (UK/GR) chartered s/y Anemolia, Bavaria 36 cruiser, from Lefkas in August 2014.

I don't recall a feedback form so...

The trip was wonderful.  From your point of view the boat was in "good repair" and all went well.  Being a boat owner I understand that things happen and what happened to the boat was well within the "normal" parameters.

Our trip was one of the international sails organized through Bay Sailors, a sailing club that I belong to (  Hopefully your offer for additional discounts will apply to other outings of the club, even if I am not the captain.  With the great experience of my crew there is a very good chance that the club will be doing another bare boat charter next year

In something you sent you expressed an interest in dolphin sightings.  So

Date:  26.06.14
Time:  09:45
Loc:    37.39.8 N
          025.06.5 W
Single adult dolphin sighted.  Aprox heading 330 M.

Please respond about discounts available for the sailing club.

Thank you,


Tim K (USA) and party chartered s/y Georgino, Sun Odyssey 49 from Lavrion in June 2014, bareboat charter.

Dear francesca

Sorry if I didn't reply to you right the way, after our great journey in the Ionian Islands I went trekking in the alps and now is the first time I have a connection

At the base nobody asked me to leave a feedback about our experience with the charter 

I have not complain about the boat everything was in order and the boat was well equipped to be a charter boat and all the manoeuvre worked fine , the boat was clean and we had good change for sheets and towels
At the base we had a good welcoming and all our extra request were satisfied ( like extra pot for cooking... )

During the journey we had only a problem with the autopilot, after the first day stop to work correctly, fortunately we never had more then 5/6 h. of sailing per day and we manage specially because one of us was always seek and steering was making her better :)

As soon I get back home I send you some pictures I made with my camera

I will be happy to plan my holidays for the next season and I will definitely contact you after the prove of your professionalism 

Thanks a lot for everything and keep in touch
Best regards
Alberto C, (Italy)

Alberto and party chartered s/y Siesta, Bavaria 34 from Corfu, for 2 weeks in July / August 2014.

Hello Francesca - firstly - thank you for all your help in arranging our two charters, the transfers and your practical advice.  Our three weeks in Greece were made very much easier by all of your assistance.   

Our first week sailing onboard the Alexandros was truly fabulous. Stavros, the skipper, and Anastasia, the crew/hostess, were great.  Stavros was full of energy and fun to be around and Anastasia was a great cook and made a real effort to get along with our four daughters and help them to enjoy the experience.  Anastasia and our girls have linked up on Facebook and will most likely stay in touch.  Infact, one of our daughters who is heading to London to study on a six month University exchange later in the year is trying to figure out how she and Anastasia can catchup.  We were not given a feedback form at the end of our first week - however - we would gladly write a glowing testimonial about our time aboard the Alexandros.  Thanos asked me to follow up with him by email to provide some feedback and a commentary on our comparative experience between sailing in the Ionian and the Aegean Seas - which I will do.

Gillian and family (NZ) charterd s/y Alexandros in the Ionian islands with skipper Stavros and cook/hostess Anastasia in July 2014.

October 15, 2014 Everything is going great so far. Pulling in to Mykonos now and will stay here two nights.

Diane B. (USA) chartered s/y Sofia VI, Lagoon 420 catamaran from Athens, with skipper and cook/hostess Maria.

All tick boxes on feedback form: excellent.

Comments: "Everything was great! Thank you to Kostas our skipper for the best experience!"

Olivier H, (CA) chartered s/y Almira, Bavaria 40 cruiser, from Rhodes, Dodecanese islands, in July 2014 with skipper, Kostas Gianovitsas.

Everything worked out exactly as it should. Antonis was caring and knew when to give space, courteous and felt like part of the family.

Simon S. and co (UK) chartered s/y Henk, Sun Odyssey 54 DS from Cephalonia in the Ionian islands in July 2014, with skipper Antonis.

Alex was great! He took excellent care of the boat & of us. Made the experience one we would like to repeat.

Anastasia H. and co. (USA) chartered s/y Achilleas, Bavaria 46 cruiser from Paros with skipper Alexandros Christopoulos in July 2014

I am still in Santorini but Marita is correct we had a wonderful time. George and Marita were truly wonderful. Could you send us their email addresses so we can thank them and let them know they are welcome to our home anytime. I hope they felt we were good travellers. the boat was great just the one problem with the air-conditioner. I definately want to return probably in two years to do the Ionian Islands if I spelled correctly. I may look to get a 53 foot boat as I saw one and it looked even nicer. I will follow up in a week or so as I need to get pictures from the kids. Thankyou again for your help and please send info requested Owen

Owen S. and family (USA) chartered s/y Alexander the Great, Elan 514 impression with skipper Georgios Tsirigakis and cook/hostess Marita Stamatopoulou, from Athens in July 2014.

Dear Francesca.,

I'm so sorry it has been so long since I have replied to you. We've been on a couple more vacations so things have been quite busy.

We very much enjoyed our sailing cruise.  It was my first time to sail, and I now love sailing!  Since it's been awhile, now I will probably have a problem with names...  The Skipper, Mike(?) and his wife Lizzy were great.  They treated us very well and were both incredibly knowledgeable about how to handle the ship. 

Lizzy is a great cook and the lunches she made were so good!  I wouldn't have minded a little more variety in the morning, especially some protein, something as simple as a hard boiled egg, and fresher fruit.  But I never went hungry. 

We were lucky to have people that all got a long quite well.  We were a bit apprehensive about that.  So, it was nice to have made new friends from other countries.

Mike and Lizzy were quite sociable and joined us for some meals away from the ship and also recommended places for us to go and things to do.  They were quite familiar with the areas and that helped since we were at the islands for such short periods  of time.  ​

All in all, it was an excellent week with a beautiful ship, an incredible sea, great people, lots of sunshine, wonderful food, amazing scenery, a fun and knowledgeable crew and a trip we will remember with much joy!  A definite 10!

David and Kim S. ( Naples Italy/Seattle WA) sailed on s/y Christianna with crew, on a share a sail cruise in June 2014, from Santorini to Lavrion.

Hi - excellent time again - really superb cruise
Can send some photos 
Cannot recommend highly enough

Ian G, (UK) a repeat client, sailed with Thanos and Alicia on s/y Velos in the Ionian from Lefkas in July. Last year they chartered s/y Alexandros which often travels together with Velos.

Francesca, Panethosis, and Athanosis,

Just wanted to drop a line and thank you again for the memorable week aboard Sophia; I miss her already.  The week, and you all were terrific.  Let me know anytime you need a reference; I'll be happy to oblige.

Very best wishes,

Karl K.

Karl K (USA) sailed on s/y Sophia, our Sun Odyssey 33, from Volos with skipper Thanasis Raptis for one week in July 2014.

Hi Fancesca,

I have meaning to contact you since our return from Volos to say what a great time we had. Sophia was perfect for us and we loved the sailing area. Lots of opportunity for anchoring in very quiet places as well as interesting small harbours.

I have attached a few photos.

Thanks again to both of you and hope to be able to book with you next year

Jon B.

Jon and partner (UK) chartered s/y Sophia, our Sun Odyssey 33 from Volos for two weeks in June 2014.

Hi Francesca,

We had a wonderful time sailing! 

The boat was nice and met our expectations.  It was a pleasure to sail and operate.  The reception staff was helpful.  We delt most with Roger - who was great. Our only concern was that the boat did not have a way to hook up to shore power.  We manage fine without, however.

We have plenty of pictures and hope to send you some when we compete our European holiday  - late August.

I am so glad we were able to do this - many wonderful memories for our family.

Thank you,


Michelle and Daniel (USA) chartered s/y G.Ritsos, a Sun Odyssey 29.2 from Poros in June-July 2014

"Our yacht was old but in great condition. Excellent service from Francesca. Thanks for making the organising of this trip easy, especially when we had to change dates."

Mr and Mrs Andrew M. chartered 'Niovi', a Sun Odyssey 32i from Poros in June 2014.

Christopher W. (UK / Australia) chartered s/y Zeus, a Lagoon 400 catamaran, from Athens in June 2014.

Dear Francesca,

All in all a fantastic trip.  We are just back, as we stopped in Amsterdam before returning, and will give more detailed feedback once we get settled in to this time zone again.  We hope we have some fabulous photos to share.

Thanks for all of your help in making arrangements.

More to come.  Best,


Constance and family (USA) sailing on two of our Casual Cruises: Aegean Odyssey on s/c Panorama II and Jewels of the Cyclades cruise on m/s Galileo, in June 2014. (We're still waiting for the more detailed feedback... :) )

Alan B and family (UK) chartered s/y Anastasia in the Cyclades islands in May, with skipper Stefan and deck-hand, Patrick.

Hi Francesca,

We are back in Canada after a wonderful holiday in Greece.  Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much we enjoyed it. Greek Isles was wonderful, Constantine, Ormando and Klaus looked after us very well, they were friendly, helpful and welcoming. We were all impressed. The boat was extremely nice, well kept and well appointed. Everything worked well. Thank you for everything.  Roy

Roy W. and family (CA) chartered s/y Kalydna, Bavaria 39 cruiser from Athens in June.

Return feedback form - all boxes checked 'Excellent'

Comments: "Very friendly staff, nice islands, nice people."

Mr Bogner (AT) chartered s/y Pathos, Lagoon 400 from Kos in May

Return feedback form - all boxes checked 'Excellent'

Alina B (RU) and friends chartered s/y Ariale, Elan 340 from Lavrion in May.

Dear Francesca and Chris, We are back home, and it's time to share with you both our thanks for your wonderful service. I must say that from the first correspondence with you Francesca, I got the feeling that I'm in the right hands and when we arrived to the Yacht in Volos we find you Chris immediately as our friend like we know each other for years. You both are an excellent team. We don't have even one comment, and the trip was totally fantastic even we have few hours of storm and during the storm, we have Chris on the line suggesting us the right advises. From now on, you both our address for future sailings in Greece and our feeling is that it will be soon.

Attached few photos that you can put in your guest's photo album and also our thanks email.

Regards from Dolly, Lea, Ana, Israel, Ronen and me Benjamin

Benjamin and friends (IS) chartered s/y Thalassa, Oceanis 40, from Volos in May.

Dear Francesca

Many thanks to you and Panos for a great 10 days. We really enjoyed it and Sophia performed beautifully.

I hope Panos and friend got home safely - they seemed to have enough beer on board for a circumnavigation!

Hope to be in touch again. Do you book other areas - for example Samos and environs?

Best wishes


Adam and Clare (UK) chartered our own s/y Sophia, Sun Odyssey 33 from Skiathos for 10 days in May.

We had a wondeful time on our trip and Thomas was excellent. Thanks for the great vacation.

Angela W.

Angela and friends (USA) chartered s/y Idylle 1 with captain Thomas Vassilacos from Mykonos - Santorini, 17 - 24 May.

Hi Francesca,

Having just returned home (unfortunately) from our sailing trip from Poros I am just writing to thank you really very much for your help in the process of organising our trip. You could not have been more helpful. 

In terms of feedback on Greek Sails for you, we found them to be an extremely good and professional outfit. The boats were in good condition with any minor problems quickly resolved, we were met from the ferry by one of their representatives, the next day and throughout our trip Andreas and Roger of Greek Sails were very helpful and gave us valuable briefings on the area which were useful and accurate.

All in all our trip was a great one and we hope to be doing the same thing again as soon as we can.

Thanks again,
Theo and Robert

Theo and his dad (UK) chartered a Sun Odyssey 29.2 from Poros in the Saronic Gulf in early May.

"We loved the experience. The people, food and experiences all were extraordinary."

Lisa B

Scott and Lisa (USA) sailed on a cabin cruise on s/y Jonathan with skipper Denis from Mykonos - Mykonos, 27 April - 4 May.

Dear Francesca,

Many thanks for your email. We really had a great time sailing in Greece. Many thanks to you for the perfect organization of the sailing trip, all of our group was very impressed how well everything worked. Thanks also to your husband for the kind welcome and for keeping our luggage in the boat :-) We were very happy with the crew and had a very good time sailing together with them. Both, Vasilis and Maria were very kind and professional. The sailing week finished much too fast for all of us and I had a very positive feedback from all group members! Personally, I will be very happy to recommend your charter company to other friends and to recontact you to organize the next sailing holiday in Greece! :-)

Best wishes,

Lefteris (CH) and friends chartered s/y Erika, Oceanis 411 with skipper Vasilis and hostess Maria, from Volos in April 2014



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