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Feedback from clients who sailed with us in 2013

Francesca good morning.
I made a video from our last trip with sophia last september.
If you like it you can use it for you site.
The link for the video in youtube is
Have a nice day
George kalamatas

George and friends chartered s/y Sophia from Volos in September

We had a wonderful holiday and would certainly be back. The vessel was great apart from the outdoor areas that are looking a bit in need of repair, especially the outside deck. The food was fantastic, the serving waitresses were absolutely wonderful and generally a good experience.

I found the service and pricing from Odyssey Sailing to be the best for these trips and will certainly use you in the future and have recommended you to 2 people already. We might be interested in the Wine Tasting themed trip for next year or the year after so please send me some details. I think it leaves from Italy.

Kind Regards,

Peter J.

Peter sailed on the Dodecanese Mosaic / Aegean Odyssey cruise

Hi Francesca

Just wanted to contact you and tell you we had a fantastic time a few weeks ago when we were at Gouvia Marina and Michaelis and Spyrros were very helpful and so much so we would be very interested in booking agagin with you for a 10 day / 14 day stay at Corfu only this time we would prefer a 31 Bavaria yacht ? ... we looked at one of Michaelis 's whilst we were at the Marina and feel it would be a better size for us next time....

Many thanks and regards

Robin D.

Robin chartered a Bavaria 34 cruiser from Corfu in September


I am with the Barkers right now.....They had a fantastic time.
I've known Don and Alison for years and Alison and I belong to the same book club.
I now live in the Dallas area, but come to CA often and stay with the Barkers. Last night at book club the ladies asked Alison what was her favorite part of their 30 day trip and she said, while on the was all her favorite...but now that she's has to be the Greek Island Charter.
It was the experience of visiting the islands with the guide who not only took them to amazing places but introduced them to food and people they would have never experienced.

As for the sailing itself. They completely enjoyed the captain and the experience of sailing.

Thank you so much...they came back so happy. Their trip was flawless from beginning to end.

I am certainly keeping you in mind for other clients!

It was a pleasure working with you,


The Barkers went on a sailing and hiking cruise on s/y Tahita

Dear Francesca,

Sorry for my late reply.

Everything went just fine, the guests were happy with the boat, the crew and the journey. Thank you for all your efforts and for your follow up.

We are now preparing the 2014 Season, and we will get back to you soon in order to set all the conditions for this operation.

Wish you the best

Hugo A.

Hugo's clients from Portugal chartered a Sun Odyssey 43 from Athens

Hi Rick,
Just staring to lose the tan, so I figure that it is time to say thank you!
Wanting to say thank you for the introduction to what sailing in the Greek Islands has to offer. We are definitely hooked! The week spent on board with the sailing, the sun, the wine, the stars, and the rock and roll trivia was an absolute pleasure.
Take care and may we cross paths (not anchors) another time,
Janalyn P, Montreal, Quebec

Janalyn chartered Blue Planet, Oceanis 461 with skipper Rick Driscoll from Corfu in late August.

I liked departing from Lavrion as the distance to the marina was about the same, but it put us further east on our departure route. The facility there is also less busy/hectic, so it was a good choice.

The boat was in good shape and everything was functioning upon check out/orientation.

The week was good and we discovered some very nice places that I had not experienced on my 2 prior trips. Wind was light for several days in the a.m.

Check in at Athens was good. A bit of confusion on where to moor up by the staff/line guys, but no issues. Were told we would meet with the final check out FRI p.m. with Maria, but found out a bit later she had left for the evening.

Very pleased and appreciate all the extra you and your team does to provide as much information and guidance as needed by the client!

A.J. Murphy

Mr Murphy chartered a Bavaria 39 cruiser from Lavrion in September.

Dear Francesca

Just returned from a fantastic week with Thanos and Alicja.

Find attach comment statement.


Roger charted s/y Velos with skipper, Thanos and his wife, Alicia as cook/hostess, in the Ionian islands.

My husband Peter, and I recently cruised with you on Christiana VII from Lavrion to Mykonos. (18th-24th August). Our skipper was Ed and Sallie Bowd was our hostess. I cannot speak highly enough of these two young people. Their professionalism was always evident but they also made the trip lots of fun. Ed's knowledge of all things sailing is extraordinary, making novice sailors like myself very comfortable. At the other end of the scale, his ability and willingness to teach to all skill levels was evident and much appreciated.

Both crew members handled the situation very well when most passengers were ill, even though they were unwell too. It was the right decision to stay in port and miss a day's sailing so we could all recover. Sallie did a great job cleaning and disinfecting cabins.Breakfasts and lunches were tasty and varied.

I would recommend your company to anyone considering this type of holiday and wish Sallie and Ed all the best for their future careers.

Denise and Peter Manikas

Denise and Peter booked a cabin on the Share a Sail cruise from Lavrion - Mykonos

... the cruise went very well and we enjoyed it very much. We particularly appreciated the boat Ocean Star 51,1, a beautiful boat confortable, yet allowing also a sportive sail. It was indeed quite sportive as from the first day to the last one included the wind blew at an average of over 26 knots, reaching even the record of 45 knots, myself enjoying at the wheel!!! As a matter of fact the wind made that as from the second day 3 persons desembarked. In this regard, it would be advisable that guests are informed that sailing in the cyclades in August is sportive. (Francesca: we do point this out!!) It would have not been appropriate to sail in such conditions with over 6, max 7 persons (two crew included, instead of 9 at the start!). It is exactly due to these windy conditions that we choose to cruise there at that time of the year. The crew was highly professionnal. I would strongly advise that the boat is however based in summer not a Lavrion but in Mykonos. Indeed, you have much more flexibility to decide your itinerary in being in the centre of the Cyclades than to start and return from and to Lavrion. Clearly Lavrion is not the best option. All in all it went well and you might here from us again next year.
François Bellon

Mr and Mrs Bellon booked a cabin on the Share a Sail cruise from Lavrion - Mykonos - Lavrion (2 weeks)

We are fully satisfied with our vacations. Everything is great. We will be at Athens today (13 September) at about 18:00. Surely we took a lot of photos and sent them to you after we return home and sort them.
With best regards,

Olesya and friends chartered a Lagoon 450 from Athens in September.
(Still waiting for the photos!!)

We spent a splendid week. Everything was fine. Our instructor, James, was very good and lovely. Really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

Of course we would like to continue with the courses. In fact, with our shipmates, we think of it together.

Please send me information about the different courses and locations that you offer.

I was thinking about doing intermediate courses to earn miles and experience, perhaps shorter than a week.

Thank you very much for everything


Pablo B. and his nephew did the RYA Competent Crew course from Poros.

We had a really good time, thank you. The yacht was in very good condition and the owners were both very friendly and helpful particularly during embarkation when they made the most detailed "tour of the yacht" I have ever seen. We had no problems apart from the wind which was not blowing as much as we would like. Sporades is an excellent location for sailing and we are thinking of repeating the cruise some time in the future.

Best regards

Giorgos F.

Giorgos and friends chartered El Nino, Dufour 45 classic from Volos

Marc's charter went very well and they were extremely satisfied with the whole trip, they kept saying that everyday! Unexpectedly the honeymoon couple took more care of me than the the two last mothers I had on board!

All the best,


Thomas was the skipper who looked after Bonnie and Marc on their honeymoon cruise on his boat Idylle 1, Beneteau 15,50 in the Cyclades islands. He treated them to a bottle of MOET upon their embarkation, rented a car for 1 day in Paros (first day) as a consolation for changing their plans and coming to Paros instead of Mykonos and allowed them to stay a couple more days on the boat for free. Below is some further correspondence between them.


Dear Thomas,

Thank you very much for your email ... yes, it's very nice here, but to be honest, nothing compared to Idylle and Capt. Thomas! Honest!

The view is really good but the rest of the island, sorry but we are spoilt now, not convincing. Too touristic, too many people, too commercial ;-) Amorgos & Co. still our favorites.

We rented a car and have been to Oia, the little port below (nice sunset und good jumping into the sea), Pyrgos (the best of the island) and Fira (horrible) ... we also had dinner at Selene - but again, the days before have been better. Thanks for recommending - once to stay in Imerovigli, definitely the best of the three caldera villages, and second, to stay not longer than two nights. It's more than enough.

We are very happy to be here, it is really beautiful but we now even more value our sailing with you. Was just perfect!

Thank you Thomas for all your recommendations and the great time we had together.

Please don't worry about the money. It's donated to the SaltyDog Sails foundation for thirsty skippers and support of the French sparkling drinks industry.

We wish you a great rest summer season, always hand-span of water under the keel, nice customers and keep in touch! Sailing in Asia must be our next plan :-)

Thanks + cheers // Bonnie Marc


Dear Marc and Bonnie,

Thank you so much for the donation to SaltyDog's foundation, be sure it will be spent properly and accordingly to your wishes!

Cheers to you and Bonnie!

It was SaltyDog's great honour that you spent your honeymoon aboard Idylle and my biggest satisfaction is that you have enjoyed it so much and have pleasant memories of the whole cruise.

I'm also sure you have many great photos of the trip and I look forward to seeing some of them!

I'm glad that all recommendations for Santorini proved useful to you.

Enjoy the rest of your time in Europe and have a wonderful come back home.

Many thanks to Francesca of Odyssey Sailing for making the connection!

All the best,


We had a wonderful time on the cruise, it was everything we had hoped , the boat was beautiful, the crew great and travelling companions very easy to get along with.

We could not fault it at all and are recommending it to all friends and will probably look at doing another cruise at a later date.

The only thing I would suggest which is not a major fact, was taking a beach towel with which we did, but towels were supplied for swimming, it would have better if we didn't have to carry them along with us, we left them onboard. That is the only thing, maybe you could just confirm with the operators and omit from your packing list.

Thankyou so much for all your help and assistance with info, you made things very easy for us.

I will go over our pics and may have one or two for you.

So thanks again

Marg & Kim

Marg and Kim cruised on m/y Harmony G on the Classical Greece Cruise

We did have a very nice time! It was a great way to see lots of islands without having to pack up everyday. Plus, it was great because I could relax while my husband could be busy helping with the boat operation. (Its hard for us to find the right balance on vacations!) The biggest dissapointment was that we didn't make it to Mykonos as advertized. The week that we travelled was the last week that the itinerary showed Mykonos because of the winds during this time of year, but even during our week, the captain advised that the seas were too rough to get that far east.(For this reason, I think that you should always put a disclaimer on the trips in the Cyclades that the itinerary is subject to weather conditions.)

(Francesca: We do!!!)

We visited six islands total and they were all fun. The lunches provided were very fresh and healthy, but more like a snack for us Americans :-). The breakfasts were delicious; captain went out for fresh bread every day! A highlight was a lunchtime swim in a deserted bay around anti-siros! !

We are even thinking of a flotilla charter next summer in the ionian! Thanks for your help getting us on the trip!

Sincerely, Lindsay Ruiz

Lindsay and friends booked a couple of cabins on the Share a Sail cruise from Lavrion - Mykonos - Lavrion.

Dear Francesca,

The sailing cruise lived up to our expectations. We would definitely repeat the experience if we get back to Europe again.

Kind regards,

Sue and her husband booked a cabin on the Economy cruise between Santorini and Mykonos.

Dear Francesca,

We had a very good time on the Astrolavos.The boat is beautiful.
The owner is charming and the skipper Vasili was very good and kind.
We really enjoyed his company.
We had a very good time on the islands and we enjoyed to swim at several places - it was sometimes too short.
We may have gone a little bit too far (up to Milos) so our sailing was often too long, but globally it was a very nice experience.
We have approx 2000 pictures so I'll need some time to select the best of them to send to you.

Kind regards,


Michel and family chartered sailing yacht Astrolavos from Lavrion in August with skipper Vasilis.
(Boat has since been sold).

Hello Francesca,

We had a great time and enjoyed every minute of the sailing trip. As soon as I download the pictures from my camera I’ll share a couple with you for the website.


Tomas and friends chartered s/y Anastasia with skipper Marcos from Santorini.

Hi Francesca!
I just wanted to tell you that our vacation was great! everything was perfect and we had a great time
Boat was perfect and the skipper was more tha perfect!!! He was amazing!!!
Thank you so much for everything!!
We would love to repeat, but in the Ionian islands but we only will go if it is the same skipper!!!!!

Patricia L from Portugal chartered a brand new Sun Odyssey 469 from Athens

We had a really great time, everyone found it memorable. Greece is a fab place, the scenery, the water, the food all spectacular. I think we all preferred the quieter places - I especially liked the argolic gulf ports that we went to - Kiparissi, Sabateki (tiny place) and Ierakas which was magic. Was less enamoured with the busier places like Porto Kheli.

We went south first via Ermioni and then across the gulf. We spent my birthday (July 4th) in Kiparissi which must be one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Stunning. There was a forecast for strong northerlies on the Sunday so we thought we'd beat those back by leaving Ierakas very early on Saturday morning and doing our long leg north - needless to say we smacked right into them a day early but it was no problem really other than the boats without autohelms were fairly tired that evening when we docked back in Ermioni. We then went North past Poros to the Methana peninsula and on to Epidavros and Aegina - all very nice again but not as 'rustic' or as charming as where we had been.
If we do decide to return to Greece I will contact you again.

Garrett and friends chartered 3 boats (Bavaria 50 cruiser, Sun Magic 44, Sun Odyssey 36i) from Poros in June-July.

We chartered a Jeanneau 39, Sonia, through Odyssey Sailing In May 2013. As an Australian couple in our sixties who own a deep sea cruising vessel, we were a little apprehensive about sailing a different boat in a different environment. The team at Odyssey Sailing put us completely at ease and we enjoyed a wonderful two weeks sailing in the Gulf of Volos and the Northern Sporades. We initially chose Odyssey because of Francescaʼs helpful responses to our enquiries. This helpfulness and professionalism continued on our arrival in Volos where we were welcomed by Panos and briefed about the boat by Vasilis. We cannot speak more highly of Odyssey and will certainly be using them again when we next sail in Greece.
Rod and Jenny Stewart

Rod and Jenny chartered s/y Sonia, Sun Odyssey 39i from Volos

We had a wonderful time, and would have loved to go longer. The skipper and the hostess were amazing and we had a lovely time with them and would recommend both. The itinerary was great and we enjoyed each of the islands. All 7 of us were completely happy.

It was an amazing trip. We would love to go again, but not able to commit at this time for next year.

Thanks again,


Pat K chartered s/y Zik-Zak in May in the Cyclades islands. (Boat has since been sold).

Everything was great. The boat was clean and comfortable and Thomas got all the provisions as requested which really helped. The islands are beautiful and Thomas knew exactly where to go. My only regret is that I did not speak to him agreed if time about the itinerary. He said it is better to sail south and fly back rather than do a circle. JD was correct and I wish I had known that before I booked my flights.

Jessica chartered s/y Idylle with captain Thomas in June in the Cyclades islands

Iin short, we had a fantastic time. Your Organisation and information was great, the boat was beautiful and kosta was a brilliant skipper. (I think he also enjoyed our relaxed attitude)

I'll send you more in a week or so. If you don't get anything please remind me as life is a bit hectic!



Laurence sailed with skipper Kostas on his boat s/y Nany, Oceanis 40 from Athens.
(forgot to remind him!!)

Dear Francesca
Everything was OK, we spend beautiful time on Aegean sea .
Thank you !
Best regards

Damjan chartered a Sun Odyssey 29 from Poros

Dear Francesca and Panos,
It was a very fine trip with Sophia from 1.6. to 8.6.2013 and we enjoyed the boat and its equipment very much. It is a real difference to experience a boat with an owner like Panos who takes such good care of the lady. Her age does not matter at all. Johannes and I were sailing and motoring up to Alonissos, the boat is easy to handle even for only two people. We had a lot of fun, but our trip was too short. Next time we stay longer.

Greetings and thanks for everything.
Katrin and Johannes from Austria

Katrin and Johannes chartered s/y Sophia from Volos

We had a great experience! As we wrote in Sotiris' guest book; we truly believe there is no better way to explore the Greek islands and get to know it's people than by sailing with the Tahita and Sotiris! More in particular:
- Boat: was comfortable
- Skipper: Sotiris took us to very nice places and restaurants (where we ate way too much delicious food). He did what he could to make our stay as enjoyable as possible and gave us instructions on how to sail and navigate the boat, which we liked a lot. Also, as I work on sustainable cities, Sotiris' focus on sustainability and upcycling made me feel at ease and we had some good conversations with him on these topics.
- The itinerary: the islands we visited we're beautiful and it was nice to see how different each of them was: we could have continued this trip for quite some time without getting bored!

We don't really have suggestions for improvement.

Thanks a lot,

Vera and Maarten

Vera and Maarten sailed on s/y Tahita with skipper Sotiris, from Syros - Paros, May 2013

"We had a fabulous time on our Odyssey cruise! The crew has extremely friendly and helpful, we loved the itinerary and the sights were amazing. The two suggestions that I have for improvement are to have the ship Chefconsider cooking the vegetables "al dente". They were well overlooked for my taste and secondly the bar crew played a considerable amount of "techno" type music which was inappropriate for the age demographics of the guests on this trip. The average age was well over 60! So maybe a more mellow music mix would have been more well received. Other than that the trip was fantastic."

Aileen H.

" was a fabulous cruise indeed! The islands were magnificent! Everyplace we stopped had it's own unique charm and the fortresses were spectacular. This was quintessential Greece and we are very pleased with our experience. The ship was lovely, the crew attentive and efficient. The Captain handsome and charming, his Co-Captains very friendly too. Joseff was funny and witty and an enjoyable cruise director, although we were self-guided tourists. The dining Captain was very concerned about our culinary experience but was hampered by a Chef who overcooked almost everything and unable to provide tasty food. IN fact, the only major disappointment was the food. It was comparable to lower than a "Carnival" level experience - bland and overcooked - although the presentation was very pretty. Aileen reported the breakfasts were great with a nice fruit selection - thank you. Certainly the lunch and dinners were not up to the 5 star rating the rest of the cruise deserved.

The only other improvement would be for the dinner music. The crew wanted to play their contemporary music that was too upbeat for relaxing dinner time. Additionally the sound system was inferior and a decent "boom box" would be better. Bottom Line: if I were to go to Greece again, I would do it exactly the way we did it on the Harmony V (with the food excepted) - it was all that we hoped it would be to get the best flavor of your beautiful country. many thanks again... Helen T."

Aileen and Helen sailed on the Classical Greece cruise from Athens in April / May 2013.


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