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Feedback from clients who sailed with us in 2012

""Jason Thalia
It won't be possible to express just how incredible this trip was for us. The boat is an impressive vessel, but it is the wonderfull people operating her that made this trip so very memorable. Our depest thanks for opening up a a truly special side of Greece and sharing with us the sights, sounds, food and drink that make this culture so warm.
   Torrey & Scott"

"Hi Francesca,

We had such a fantastic trip!  It was truly a wonderful experience-- mostly thanks to Jason and Thalia!  They were both professional and personable-- I feel like we came away from the trip with a new lifelong friendship. We had plenty of time to explore the islands and enjoy the boat- and they were helpful at suggesting acitivities.  Jason and Thalia were inclusive and inviting-- we had several fun nights with them enjoying food, music, and meeting locals. 

The boat was very comfortable- berths were roomy, kitchen had everything you'd need for cooking, and the cockpit and deck were great for lounging.  

It was truly a perfect honeymoon-- I would not change a thing!  We have fallen in love with Greece-- the people are genuinely friendly and inviting, the food is fantastic, and the land is beautiful--- we can't wait to return.

Thank you for all your help! 



-- I am working on posting the photos to my flickr account.  I will send you a link and you can use any of the photos you'd like."

Torey and Scott (CA) sailed with skipper Jason, and hostess Thalia, on board s/y Zik Zak, a one week cabin cruise in May 2012 in the Cyclades islands.

Dear Francesca

Everything is all right.
I am appreciate Mr Vasilis and Mr Harris politeness and involvement during the charter.
We like Greece and we are happy to have the discount for upcoming year.

with best regards

Andzej (PL) chartered s/y Karyatis, a Sun Odyssey 32 from Athens, 28 April - 5 May, 2012.

Dear Francesca,

We really enjoyed our stay and keep your offer in mind for next year.

Kind regards,

Edwin and family (NL) chartered our s/y Sophia, Sun Odyssey 33 from Volos, 28 April - 13 May 2012


had very good trip, best one so far and was looked after very well by the boat owner and everyone

weather was interesting!! hardly used engine at all, had some small adventures...but used all previous experiences and lessons well.

Thanks robert 

Robert (regular repeat client) from (UK) chartered s/y Imagica, Sun Magic 44, from Poros, Saronic Gulf, from 12 - 19 May, 2012

Hi Francesca,

Thank you for your email.  I have a few comments to make, but in general, everything about the cruise is nothing but positive.  Before the cruise, your email advised me to ring the morning of departure to find out where the Galileo was berthed.  My attempts at doing this failed as all I could get was recorded messages, which were in Greek.  In the end, I requested the hotel reception call the company as they could understand the message.  Also, the taxi driver didn’t understand the directions and ended up taking me to the wrong dock.

Apart from that shaky start, the rest of the voyage was excellent.  There were only 19 passengers, all of which were lovely people and together with the excellent crew, this provided more of a family atmosphere and everyone felt very much at home.  The food and service were excellent and the staff on the boat looked after us superbly, especially our tour director, Chara.

The actual cruise called at interesting ports and we were given plenty of time for sightseeing.  I took over 200 photographs, so I have attached just a few which I hope you find satisfactory.

Thank you for your efficient handling of my arrangements and who knows, maybe I will be back for another cruise sometime.



Galileo at Syros
Galileo at Santorini

Geoff H (AUS) joined the Jewels of the Cyclades Cruise in the Cyclades from 11 - 18 May 2012.


I'm sooooo sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.  I was going to do it the next day and then it completely slipped my mind until I was telling someone about the trip the other day and I remembered I hadn't replied.

I'm glad the suns come back out again.  It certainly was an interesting mix of weather that week, but we had a good time none the less.

I thought Sophia was a great sailing boat.  The nice part about it being older and owned by yourselves is that everything is cared for quite meticulously.  The labels were especially helpful on the cabinets and drawers, something that you don't tend to find on other charters.  For two people it was extremely easy to sail, and it also sailed extremely well.  Negatives...well I think the battery went too quickly on the boat, even without using many instruments.  The GPS in my mind should be able to stay on all night if you want to set an anchor alarm.  I also think while the autopilot works fine, its an accident waiting to happen (as Panos showed me).  Also the gripping on the sailing lines is a bit lose when it comes to the Outhaul as you can't keep tight tension.  But those are really all minor things.  And the biggest small positive, just to mention, was the length of the anchor need it and you don't find a lot of boats with what it should be!

Overall my wife and I would rate the experience very high, we completely relaxed and Sophia was like home in days....and that's even though the weather had to be the worst for Greece around that time for ages.  I've had great experiences with Odyssey as you know.  I would definitely come back through, at which time I hope we finally meet!  You guys are very kind and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I hope all is well with the season underway.
Many thanks and Warm Regards
Ryan Sbarra

Ryan (USA / UK) (regular repeat client) chartered our s/y Sophia, Sun Odyssey 33, 19 - 30 May, 2012

To the skipper:

Dear Dimitris,

Carol and I would like to personally thank you for making our trip so enjoyable. We have memories now for the rest of our lives of the spectacular Greek Islands, and the time with you aboard Sea Star II.

Thank you to you and Gina also for taking us into your home and introducing us to your daughters. We are still dreaming of the wonderful dessert.

All the best,


Dear Francesca,

The entire experience was delightful. As Carol said many time during the trip--"I love Greece!"

I did not see your form, but would be happy to fill it out, if you want to send it. Robbie, Nancy, Ken, and Desiree went on to Istanbul and are probably only now getting back to Maui.

I know we all enjoyed the boat. It was actually a better layout for us than the Gianetti, which Meto showed us. The large forward cabin transformed from two doubles would have made the rest of us a bit cramped on the Gianetti I believe.

In any case, the Beneteau was clean, well laid out, everything worked (with the exception of one of the boat oars which Quincy pointed out was broken) and Vergalis was a joy. He personally took us to the grocery store and back to the boat. He delivered us to Versalis--the exceptional Taverna where the owner's nephew, Versalis, made us feel like old friends and gave Carol the spices and ingredients for making Tabuli on the boat. We went back there with everyone after the trip.

Stravos, who picked us up at the airport and remained with us until 7:00pm, was great. Carol gave him a big hug at the end of the day. Delphi was extremely enjoyable. We toured the museum and walked the entire site through the ruins. Stavros took us to a Taverna with a view across the mountains and then back to the ruins on the lower side of the road. He took us to the Acropolis winding through the narrow streets of Athens and waited for an hour and a half while we took a tour with a guide, and then he delivered us to the boat.

The islands were of course magnificent. Carol and I rented scooters on Amorgos and rode across the island where we met the others and climbed to the Monastery.

The first day, Robbie and I had laid out our plan for the week, and it was almost comical as the American plan confronted the Greek plan. We were organized and ready to go. Dimitris was laid back and pointed out (correctly) that we were "on vacation and it might be better to just relax." After the first evening when we motored to Kristnos and anchored in a peaceful harbor, we (the Americans) all had a discussion and decided Dimitris was right. Rather than pushing as we are so accustomed to, here was someone who knew the islands, the best places to go, and could make our entire experience much richer than we could ourselves, and we made the decision to "put our selves in his hands."
It was perfect from there on, and we actually covered all the ground we had hoped to anyway--getting all the way to Santorini, and as Carol pointed out 7 islands in 7 days.

Dimitris made sure we saw things that were the highlights of each island. He recommended the best Tavernas; he ate with us almost every night. He became "part of our family," as Carol said about him. He was patient. He was a master at docking stern first. He gave the boys 20 and 23, sailing lessons and put them in charge of the boat the last day. He was involved and a lot of fun to be with.

Thanks to you and Vergalis for organizing the perfect cruise for our group. And thank you for the additional day and captain. We couldn't have been more pleased.
We will pass on the photo request, as Carol and I didn't bring a camera along.

Warm regards,

Mack & Carol Travis


Aloha Francesca,

We were not aware of the comment documents when we returned to Athens. Sorry. The trip was very special for my wife and I. Our skipper was experienced and helpful, the islands were beautiful and the people were very accepting and friendly. We went from Athens to Kythnos to Sifnos to Santorini to Amorgos to Peros to Delos to Syros to Kea to Temple of Poseidon and then back to Athens. A lot of ground was covered but it didn't seem like we were rushing at all.

Once we were on the boat, everything went very well. Just the boat mishap and some confusion on times in the beginning were the only issues. If I had any recommendations for the future, it would be to make sure all communications and agreements are understood by all parties as perhaps because we are in different countries our understanding of what things meant was a little different.

However, the trip was fabulous and thank you for all that you did to help make it happen.


Kenneth M. 'Ken' Hayo R(B)

Mack and Carol, and Ken and party (USA) all sailed on s/y Sea Star II, a Beneteau 57, from Athens, with skipper Dimitris Paparis on 1st June - 9th June 2012

Hi Fransesca,

Glad to hear that the boat checked out ok. We had a great time but had to finish early which was very disappointing, but family has to come first!
Would you please advise the owner/managers that I purchased a new 10mtr power extension cord, they should add it to their inventory. It came in handy where the power boxes were some distance from the boat.
See you next time!!

Brian B (Aus) chartered a catamaran, Nautitech 44, from Lavrion, 2 - 12 June, 2012.

Dear Francesca,

Yes Mr. Baumgartner gave me an excellent feedback. He is really satisfied with your services and he told me,that for sure he will come back to Volos. So as soon as I get a new request from him, I will let you know.

Best regards and have a nice weekend

Mr Baumgartner (CH) chartered s/y Silver, Bavaria 41, from Volos, 9 - 16 June, 2012

Feedback form:

Crew/reception: Warm friendly, charming
Yacht: Excellent shape
Inventory: WEll equipped for our trip.
Itinerary: Perfect, given high winds
Skipper: Very competent & charming

We had exceptionally high winds after arriving in Syros, requiring us to stay in Sifnos for our holiday. Our skipper chose the perfect island and spot for us to enjoy our vacation which we did thoroughly. Our skipper showed, grace, confidence and competence under challenging sailing conditions and we would recommend him without reservation ot other clients.


Hi Francesca,

Just to let you know that we all departed Greece safely after a great holiday.

While the winds were a continual constraint we nevertheless all had a very good time and were delighted that we were held up in Sifnos since it offered so much in the way of interest, beautiful bays, delicious food etc.

Jason and Julia were a great asset and perfect hosts for our group. Jason is a very talented sailor and we felt very comfortable with him in charge.

Thanks again for arranging the Zik Zak for us. It all worked out well in spite of the untimely winds, delayed flights etc.

All good wishes,




Many thanks for all your assistance and organization. We enjoyed our holiday with Jason at the helm despite little sailing.



Dear Jason,

I, too, would like to thank you for a great vacation despite the anger of the wind gods. We enjoyed your boat and your company and will enjoy excellent memories of the Zik Zak, Paros and Sifnos, a lovely place to be stuck!! Please let us know when you become a father.

Warmest regards

Peter F (UK) and Dimitri S (USA) chartered s/y Zik-Zak from 16 - 23 June, 2013, with skipper Jason.

Anton was fantastic as was all of the staff. Anton was experienced & friendly and went out of his way to make our trip enjoyable!! Thanks so much!

Jarrett & Rachel

Jarrett and Rachel (AUS) chartered a Sun Odyssey 32 from Poros with a skipper on the Saronic Flotilla, 23 - 28 June, 2012.

The staff was incredibly attentive – everyone loved Captain Stavros and especially first mate Steve. Maria’s cooking was second to none. Given the weather, they made sure we maximized the opportunities presented, so on the first night we moored at the temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion until about 1am, then motored all the way to Sikinos for a midday arrival on Sunday. That afternoon we sailed to Santorini. From there we hopped from Paros, to Naxos, to Mykonos, then Syros and Kea for overnight stays. We had a fantastic week. There was a lot of partying and a lot of relaxing, I think we were a much different group than the typical European retiree crowd, but I think they enjoyed having us as much as we enjoyed being there.

I would love to come back and sail with them on the Ionian side next year, I will keep you posted, but if you ever want to us me as a reference for any US based customers please feel free to put me in direct contact with them. Thanks again.


Danny was one of the lucky passengers on the Aegeotissa II this summer.
He and Captain Stavros had a very strong bond. I attached a picture of Danny after a big night in Mykonos for your viewing pleasure.

Group picture

Richard C. Gillis Jr.

Rich and 24 others from USA, chartered m/s Aegeotissa II from Pireaus, 30 June - 7 July 2012.

Hi Francesca,

We didn't quite get to finish the feedback form in time to give back to George when we left Orestes at Lefkas, so I attach here for your records.

We had a fabulous trip around the Ionian Islands, exploring many caves and visiting many places. The sailing was fantastic, with some very good winds, which the boat sailed like a dream, making it a real fun experience.

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and are happy with how smooth our booking went. We've even begun looking at another trip! We're just sorting through our photos, so will send any wee gems on to you.

All the best,

Alex & Lisa

Alex and Lisa (repeat clients from (NZ) chartered s/y Orestes, Oceanis 40, from Lefkas in the Ionian islands, 23 June - 7 July 2012

We have enjoyed a fabulous holiday.

Everything has been so enjoyable; every day has been different and the holiday feels much longer than just one week! Frosso has also been a wonderful addition to our crew!

James Stroud (UK) and family chartered s/y Idylle with Captain Thomas Vasilacos, from Syros to Santorini, 7 July - 14 July 2012.

Trip was fantastic francesca- thanos and alytsja very professional made the trip a real holiday. We will do this again.


Jeff cranley

Jeff Cranley (AUS) chartered s/y Velos with Thanos and Alicia in the Ionian, 15 - 22 July, 2012.

Hello Francesca,

Thank you for the follow up, all in all it was a good trip.. We were lucky enough to be accompanied by dolphins once outside Mykonos and once as we were leaving Santorini. On the few days with no wind we really missed the generator and the Air Con. I would be keen on making sure we have that available for my next charters and hope that the 450 will come equipped with that. I do not suppose there is much chance you could be getting in the 2+1 cabin configuration? Finally booking it from now may be too far in advance as we are still debating whether we repeat a similar itinerary next year or head off to the ionian side and maybe make our way up to Croatia..

I will be happy to send you some pictures for your library later on, once we have managed to sort out all the pictures.

Kind regards,

Cyril Dagher

Cyril (SA) chartered a Lagoon 380 catamaran from Athens, 14 - 28 July, 2012

Hi Fransesca,

we completed a feedback form on the base but here are some comments.

Overall, we are pleased with the boat and the staff at the base.

The boat was well equiped but the following could be improved:

- the furling mechanism in both sails was very stiff making the opening of the sails a winch job and hence very tiring (especially when shorthanded, as in our case)
- the toilet pump was very stiff and failed at the last day (Dimitris later identified that a rubber seal needed replacing)
- the G25 chart (Sporades) was very tired - a new version is in order
- the gas oven was not reliable to operate - it worked once and wouldn't work afterwards

Things that made a good impression on us are:
- plenty of fenders
- solid windlass and chain throughout (instead of chain and rope which added to the piece of mind)
- plenty of spare ropes
- well equipped kitchen
- very comfortable cockpit
- Dimitris was at hand to offer advice over the phone

All the best,


Dimitris E (GR/UK) chartered s/y Sonia, Sun Odyssey 39, from Skiathos / Sporades islands, 17 - 27 July, 2012

Hi Francesca,

I had a truly wonderful trip sailing around the Greek Isles with Tim and Lisa. I was supposed to get there email address when I left the boat but we got distracted and I never did. Could I please ask you to forward my email address to them so they may reply when they get a chance?

Thank you very much for all of your help,


Sacheen G. (AUS) joined the 'Share a Sail cruise' Lavrion to Santorini through the Cyclades islands, from 21 - 28 July.

It was fantastic!

Fantastic cew, great food and friendly service!

Nick Spyropoulos (AUS) chartered m/y Amor, from Mykonos, 24th June - 1st August, 2012.

Easy to charter and all info available.
A perfect break - Thank you.

Mr Freely chartered c/t Hellas 1, Broadblue 385 Catamaran, from Athens, 28 July - 4 August.


Hope you are well. Yes we did have a great time with Thomas. We felt very safe with him and we were able to really enjoy the whole experience. The kids did take a lot of pictures but I have not seen them yet. I will look at them this weekend and put together a few for you. Thanks again for all your help, it was a great vacation for our family.



Rick W (USA) and family chartered s/y Idylle 1, with Captain Thomas, from Athens, from 6 - 13 August


I think Susan and I can sum it up by saying it was the best trip we've ever been on.

Mikael (sp?) and Nicholas did an outstanding job. I'm glad that Nicholas was fluent in English - that made it easy to communicate. The boat was great. No major problems. They were very professional and gave us plenty of space. They also took us to some nice private beaches, as well.

Attached are a couple of pictures from my phone. I think Susan has a good one of all four of us on her camera that she can send later.

Bill Pope

William & Susan Pope (USA) chartered m/y Milos, with crew, from 30 July - 4 August, 2012

Dear Francesca,

Once more, we were very pleased of our trip with Sofia. As you asked, you will find some photos of our life on board of Sophia. Reading has occupied a great part of the time, but is not represented ! We have also nice photos of see or landscape, but you already know them...

With kind regards


Elisabeth and Alain B (FR) chartered s/y Sophia, Sun Odyssey 33, from Volos, for 3 weeks from 28 July - 18 August, 2012

"FANTASTIC. It is a serious company that has best treatment care, ensuring quality and good boats!. Maintained and detailed explanations (with accompanying user manual made for themselves and plasticized!), Accurate, friendly, efficient, helpful while prudent. Caring for the detail. Do not hesitate to dedicate a time-by the manager himself, to suggest a route navigation and ports and places to anchor. "

Mr Joan Ferrer (Spain) chartered s/y Aretousa, Bavaria 39 cruiser, 11 - 18 August from Athens.

Hi Francesca

Holiday was fantastic!!! On scale of one to ten it was a ten for us.
Perfect way for us to reunite with the british relatives and have a relaxing time with no worries.

The boat we chartered was perfect for our group. We were glad the other two children didnt come in the end as the sleeping arrangements were perfect.

The reception we got at the base was great. Your husband was most welcoming and of course Dimitrios the skipper was brilliant. Both our husbands got on with him really well it appeared and he was very aware of everyones enjoyment all the way along and their safety. We couldn't have got a better skipper.

We saw all the Mamma Mia places ticking them off along the way whilst ABBA was blaring out from the ipod speaker Dimitrios had. Poor Dimitrios didn't know what he had got himself into!!

No problems with provisioning the delivery coordinated with our arrival at Volos.

Thanks so much for organising the taxi transfer from Athens to Volos we walked straight out of the airport and into the waiting car. Much better than hiring a car and driving like we were going to do.

Sorry we didn't meet you personally as well I would like to have thanked you personally. Your communication right from the word go was great answering all my silly questions.

We are planning maybe to come back in two years time or even earlier if we can coordinate it so we will probably be in touch again. Sorry we didn't meet you to thank you personally.

Thank your husband once again for his help.


Carolyn M and family (AUS) & friends (UK) chartered s/y Blue Bird, Ocean Star 51.2 from Volos for a cruise in the Sporades islands, with skipper Dimitrios Parmakis, from 18 - 25 August.

The holiday was great. We both really enjoyed it. The reception was fine, the boat was excellent, the support and itinerary (we went west instead of north which was a pleasant surprise) were great. I can't think of any negative feedback.

I fancy the Sporades sometime. Maybe next year but it's too early to think of dates. I'll be in touch much nearer the time.



Rod L (UK) chartered a Sun Odyssey 35 on flotilla from Poros from 25 August - 1st September.

Good service. Enjoyed our stay. No major problems.

John O (UK) chartered s/y Clio, Oceanis 381 from Volos, 1 - 8 Sept.



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