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Feedback from clients who sailed with us in 2009


We had a wonderful time!

We met Dimitris at the dock in Volos and he was immediately extremely helpful and informative.

Assante exceeded our expectations. We very much appreciated the thorough briefing and review of the boats systems and safety equipment.

The condition and preparation of the boat were both superb. All the systems worked, and there were adequate tools and spares on board to cover most eventualities. There was also manuals for all the navigation and communications equipment as well as a manual for the boat. From the first day, the crew quickly become comfortable with the boat and it’s systems.

Assante is easy to sail on all points and all conditions. We were always able to get 3-4 kts most of the time in even the lightest of breezes, and on one occasion coped easily with a 33kt blow while reefed down and sailing at 7.5 kts. At no time did she give us any cause for concern. In port Assante is very comfortable to live aboard, with a very good galley and cooking equipment inventory. We found the water capacity very adequate for our needs. The fuel usage surprised us the most. Despite quite a bit of motoring we only used 16 liters of fuel over the two week period.

Dimitris had also included The Greek water Pilot and a new navigation chart for the Sporades, so in combination with the GPS chart plotter we felt safe and secure of our position at all times.

Our log for the two weeks was as follows,

May 2nd Volos provisioning / Family visit
3nd Volos Gatsia / Family visit 9 nm
4rd Gatsia Milina 9.5 nm
5th Milina Ay. Kiriaki 11 nm
6th Ay.Kiriaki Koukounaries/Skeathos 17nm
7th Koukounaries Skeathos 7nm
8th Skeathos Loutraki/Skopelos 7nm
9th Exploring Slopelos by Bus
10th Loutraki Steni Vala/Alonisos 21 nm
11th Steni Vala Ormos Paigniou/Kira Panayia 7nm
12th Ormos Paigniou Skopelos port 20 nm
13th Skopelos Ormos Panormou then on to Koukounaries 33nm
14th Koukounaries Milina 28nm
15th Milina Volos 16.5

Altogether just 196 nm which is what I would expect to sail in 36 hrs if I were trying to get somewhere. But in all honesty we were always surrounded by places we liked so much. There seemed to be no reason to move very fast or very far each day. Everyone enjoyed the trip tremendously. We did a lot of cooking with very fresh locally bought foods and ate lots of fresh fish on shore. I wish we had one more week. I wanted to stop in Patitiri/Alonisos and perhaps hop across to Skiros. We also missed Monastiri and Planitis on Kira Panagia.

There will be more to do next time

Thank you facilitating. We would all recommend Assante to all our friends without reservation (although we would also want to keep her a secret).

When our starter battery failed, Dimitris appeared in less than 2 hours with a mechanic and a new battery while we were still on Skeathos. We still don’t know how he got there so fast!!

The only other thing that we found needs fixing is the oar locks on the inflatable dinghy. The outboard motor never faltered so we only had to improvise once just for the fun of it.

Attached is a photo taken in Ay. Kiraki, one taken in Ormos Paigniou and one at Gatsia.

Please send the feedback form, I would be happy to complete it.

Many thanks,

Andreas C. (USA)

Andreas chartered s/y Assante, a Bavaria 36 (2003) from Volos - Volos, for 2 weeks in May 2009.


Hallo Francesca,

Thank you for your interest about our sailing trip in Ionian island/s. On our check-out, I give Dimitris from morring/s the feedback from the torn.Everything was the best, a friendly crew and a perfekt ship with overfull equipment ! ! !

We started from lefkada into the south step by step to Poros and than to the north to plataria and back to lefkada. We had 12 sunny days but only 3-4 good sailing days. Is it possible if we come in the future, you order us more wind ? ? ? ? J J

Best greetings from Austria

Reinhard W.

Reinhard and friends chartered s/y Nena, Sun Odyssey 45 from Lefkas - Lefkas for 2 weeks from 25 July 2009.


Dear Francesca

as a co-participant to the holiday around Sporades Island and as a good friend of Valeriu I took the liberty (in agreement with Valeriu) to give our positive feedback about the chartered trip.
Our impression is that it was excellently organised by the skipper Alex Toumboulis who discreetly but efficiently took care of the organisational issues in order to please a rather large number of participants. The itinerary was ok - most probably one of the standard routes of Sporades - nonetheless an excellent and well timed route prepared by Alex. We have appreciated the large sailing experience of Alex as well as his knowledge about people and places (including of course tips about which tavernas to go to) that we have visited. Needles to say that it captured much of our desire to return to Greece as well as to improve our personal skipper experience (at least Valeriu's and myself)
As for the boat we suffered a bit from heat maybe an electric fan placed in the galley would have added to pas that discomfort however it was not a critical issue to spoil an otherwise excellent holiday.
kindest regards
Paul D. Romania

Paul D and Valeriu C from Romania, chartered El Nino, Dufour 45 classic, from Volos - Volos, with skipper Alex Toumboulis, from 16 - 23 July 2009


Hi Francesca,

How are you? Thank you so much for contacting me, I am sorry I havent had a chance to get back to you any quicker, we've basically been away since our trip to Greece and it now seems like years ago!

Anyway, although we filled a feedback form on site, I wanted to make sure that you know what a great experience we had and that the base reps were the perfect provider. They were very professional and attentive, the boat was in good condition (the sails could do with a little look-at) but all in all a very nice sail.

The weather conspired a little against us and that crazy Meltemi did beat us back a couple of times but we managed to see the islands we wanted to see so we were very pleased.

Attached are a couple of images from our trip.

Thanks again for all your help and your knowledge, your organisational skills made it all happen!



Alex C, from France, (British Nationality) chartered a Hanse 371 from Kos - Kos, 25 July - 1 August 2009.


Nikos was great, he found great bays (and not mooring in harbours every day, etc.etc.), & worked really well to make our trip really good. Also flexible to make our changed departure point work with the Paros ferry, not Syros. Really great o/all.

Richard and Louise P, from the UK, chartered Arianna with captain Nikos, in the Cyclades islands, from 14-07 - 25-07.


I just wanted to let you know we all had the most amazing time on our trip, thank you. I think despite all my questions and concerns up front, we ended up being a really fun group for Nikkos & Thomas.

We have lots of photos and I’ll organize to get some to you. And yes, I’m convinced island hoping is my favorite method of travel now! The islands along Turkey are on my hit list. Just have to work on Jeff Thanks again Francesca.


here's a nice photo of the sailboat. Thought you might like for the website.

Hi Nikos,Thomas, Francesca:

I wanted to say thank you, for such a great trip! The group keeps calling me thank me and Melissa for such a great “life time experience” and you and your crew made that happen. I can say with confidence that we will be returning and look forward to doing so. I promise Francesca not to be a pain in the but next time when booking.

Nikos and Thomas I am not sure where you will be sailing and who will be on your boat when you read this but I hope you are both well and enjoying yourself.

Cheers Jeff.


We will be recommending this trip to our friends. Nikos went above the call of duty and could not have asked for a better skipper. We have all met a new friend in Nikos. Becky, you as well did a great job and looked after us with a smile and a heart! Good luck to All, cheers, Jeff and Melissa.

Melissa and Jeff A from Canada, chartered s/y Idylle with captain Thomas and s/y Arianna with captain Nikos, from Syros - Santorini, 22 - 29 August 2009.


Feedback from clients who chartered 'Alba IV - Wavedancer, Atlantic 55 with captain Marcos in 2009.

We had a wonderful time in Greece and on the sailboat with Marco. We enjoyed his company also and couldn’t have asked for a more good-natured captain and guide. I suspect we will be back in Greece at some point and, if possible, would enjoy another expedition with you all. Marco’s help with restaurants, entertainment and transportation was truly appreciated!

Thank you again for all your assistance up front and to both of you for running a great business and providing the four of us with a wonderful week in the Cyclades.

Markay W.


We have arrived home from an incredible holiday. We just wanted to let you know that our sailing holiday went way beyond our expectations. It was a holiday we will never forget (and we hope to be back again some day). Marco is a skilled skipper who worked with us the whole time to provide us with a sailing experience that met our needs. He was fun to be with on and off the water, a great tour guide, and a great help with "menu selections". He always knew when to afford us some privacy but at the same time always anticipated our needs. The boat accommodations where also much more that we expected. We had all kinds of room, everything that we needed and comfortable beds.
Not sure what else to say, except that this was a holiday we will never forget. Please thank Marco again for a wonderful sailing adventure. We all appreciate everything that you have done to make this holiday memorable.


Dale and Brenda S.


Thank you Betty! Everything was wonderful and Marco was a fantastic addition to our little group adding lots of local information and steering us to the right restaurants. I can't thank you enough and if
you ever need a recommendation or a testimonial please don't hesitate to ask!
Doug R.


Thanks for the email. It was a truly wonderful experience. Marco was a great captain. He watched over us, gave us excellent advice on things to do, and joined us for some special meals. We all feel
that we have found a new and special friend.
Tom M


We had a great time on the yacht. Marco was excellent, we really enjoyed all he did for us. I am sending 2 photos of our trip and will gladly recommend the boat and Marco to others.

Wendy van D.


They are several years we book yachts (the last two years we have sailed in Cyclades islands) and our experience says that charter companies ask feedback rarely.
I am pleased to tell you that we have had a very nice holidays, the boat was better than our expectations, good sails and rigging (important for me), good interior (important for my wife). Only one small negative note is about tender (rubber dinghy) because it deflate in few time.
The owner was very kindly, he has provided a parking space for my car at his home and he give us whether information several time by mobile phone.
It’s the first time we have sailing holidays in October and I’m sure we will replace it.
We did a lot of photos but we haven’t had time to look at them. If we will find some beautiful we send them to you.
Finally I’d like to thank you for the disposability you had with us.
With best wishes
Mauro and Laura

Mauro and Laura from Italy chartered s/y Argonautes, Sun Odyssey 37, from Volos, for two weeks in October.


Our experience with this course has been marvelous and it was certainly the highlight of our visit to Greece. The boat was comfortable, the atmosphere with the other students was friendly and collegial and the hands-on practice offered by the course was very valuable.

Karen and I share the view that the most critical factor was the outstanding teaching ability of our instructor Mike Gregory at PYA. From the outset, he put us at ease, he communicated clearly the rules, and he was engaging in all aspects of our training. He demanded attention to detail, he was encouraging when we felt pressured or frustrated with our lack of skills, and he was quite fair in his feeback with all students. Teachers with such a high level of professionalism must be hard to come by and we congratulate your school for setting high standards in this area.

We learned a lot and we are motivated to come back, perhaps as part of a flottila in the future. Until then, and in preparation for a coastal skipper exam, we need to put quite a few miles in our log book with our boat in Newfoundland...

Best regards,

George C.

PS. I will be sending the feedback forms to the UK and pictures to you in the next few days.

George C and his wife Karen (Canada) took part in one of the RYA Day Skipper courses that we offer, in this case from the Sailing School based in Poros. October 2009.


Read also our cabin cruises feedback from 2009

"Denis and Susanna made our week's sailing trip very special. Dennis's local knowledge was great especially when it came to eating out and where to spend time sight seeing.
A very big thank you." Elaine S.

"A wonderful week of excellent company, and excellent sailing. Thank you very much." Norman S.

Elaine and Norman S, New Zealand, Mykonos - Santorini, 28 April - 5 May 2009, with skipper Denis Kyriazis.

"Junior was great and had a great knowledge of the islands. We could maybe do 3 weeks sometime!"

"Junior made the whole sailing experience wonderful and outstanding skipper and tour guide. Very Kind. We'll be back some day."

"I had fun thanks. I thank you for helping on my song! Thank you for showing us how to sail!"

John, Patti and Taylor D, from Canada, Santorini - Mykonos with skipper Junior, 16 June - 23 June 2009


Thanks for arranging the sailing trip for us. It was the highlight of our trip and Junior was fantastic.

Please let Junior know that Taylor broke her wrist in Paros with 4 days to go on our vacation and that she still sings the Fathers day song.

Thanks and hope that you are having a great summer.



"We had so much fun - It has been the best part of our vacation. Junior and David were wonderful hosts and took good care of us. We definitely want to come back to Greece and sail and definitely with Junior! Thanks for everything! Zina"

"Our first Greek sailing trip was well beyond expectations. Capt. Jr and first mate David were beyond professional. Very, very good service. Experience provided was beautiful, peaceful and serene. We look forward to booking another trip with Junior again. Provided security in sailing, great music on CD and played guitar for us too!"

Yanira and Michael from USA sailed from Mykonos - Santorini, with skipper Junior, from 23 June - 30 June 2009

All great Francesca….had a fabulous time. Skipper was superb and friendly. Thanks so much for accommodating my bizarre last minute request!
Gib B. (UK)

Gib joined a sailing boat, midweek from Paros in August.


Just arrived back after a wonderful trip. The eight days on the Jonathan were just terrific. We cannot say enough good things about our skipper Junior. He was more than expected with his linguistic skills, his sailing technique including excellent teaching methods. In addition, he could cook, sing, play the guitar, tell stories and do handstands on the beach!
Our itinerary was altered because of the prevailing north winds but every place we docked was beautiful and interesting. In short, we can say this trip was just about perfect in every way including making new friends.

John N., Minneapolis and Palm Springs.
Jozef P., London

John and Jozef sailed on s/y Jonathan with skipper Jonathan, in September 2009.


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