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Cabin Cruise in the Cyclades islands

"Denis and Susanna made our week's sailing trip very special. Dennis's local knowledge was great especially when it came to eating out and where to spend time sight seeing.
A very big thank you." Elaine S.

"A wonderful week of excellent company, and excellent sailing. Thank you very much." Norman S.

Elaine and Norman S, New Zealand, Mykonos - Santorini, 28 April - 5 May 2009, with skipper Denis Kyriazis.

"Junior was great and had a great knowledge of the islands. We could maybe do 3 weeks sometime!"

"Junior made the whole sailing experience wonderful and outstanding skipper and tour guide. Very Kind. We'll be back some day."

"I had fun thanks. I thank you for helping on my song! Thank you for showing us how to sail!"

John, Patti and Taylor D, from Canada, Santorini - Mykonos with skipper Junior, 16 June - 23 June 2009


Thanks for arranging the sailing trip for us. It was the highlight of our trip and Junior was fantastic.

Please let Junior know that Taylor broke her wrist in Paros with 4 days to go on our vacation and that she still sings the Fathers day song.

Thanks and hope that you are having a great summer.



"We had so much fun - It has been the best part of our vacation. Junior and David were wonderful hosts and took good care of us. We definitely want to come back to Greece and sail and definitely with Junior! Thanks for everything! Zina"

"Our first Greek sailing trip was well beyond expectations. Capt. Jr and first mate David were beyond professional. Very, very good service. Experience provided was beautiful, peaceful and serene. We look forward to booking another trip with Junior again. Provided security in sailing, great music on CD and played guitar for us too!"

Yanira and Michael from USA sailed from Mykonos - Santorini, with skipper Junior, from 23 June - 30 June 2009

All great Francesca….had a fabulous time. Skipper was superb and friendly. Thanks so much for accommodating my bizarre last minute request!
Gib B. (UK)

Gib joined a sailing boat, midweek from Paros in August.


Just arrived back after a wonderful trip. The eight days on the Jonathan were just terrific. We cannot say enough good things about our skipper Junior. He was more than expected with his linguistic skills, his sailing technique including excellent teaching methods. In addition, he could cook, sing, play the guitar, tell stories and do handstands on the beach!
Our itinerary was altered because of the prevailing north winds but every place we docked was beautiful and interesting. In short, we can say this trip was just about perfect in every way including making new friends.

John N., Minneapolis and Palm Springs.
Jozef P., London

John and Jozef sailed on s/y Jonathan with skipper Jonathan, in September 2009.

From 2007....

Hi Francesca

I had a wonderful holiday! I don't want to be back in the desert, working like crazy. Much prefer to be back on the yacht!

I loved living on the yacht for 2 weeks and forgetting about the real world. The sailing was unreal and for me it was the best way to tour the cyclades. It was stress-free and I was as relaxed as a jellyfish on valium. I also think that it was good value for money.

I enjoyed all the holiday, but my first week was the best as there was only Eric, Yanis and me on the yacht. It was incredibly relaxed, with lots of room and the itinerary was quite loose. Introducing 4 more people on the second week was a bit of a shock but they were lovely people and we got on well.

I thought Eric was a great skipper, excellent sailor and very good and patient about explaining about the workings of the yacht and sailing. He's also an excellent cook - such a wiz in the galley. He shopped well and I never ran out of beer!!! And we ate sooo well!

There was a language barrier, but it didn't bother me. I had my books and my thoughts and just wanted to relax. Communicating with people with a language difference can take up a lot of energy. I deal with it on a daily basis here, so I just couldn't be bothered and wanted to relax. I really enjoy my own company so thats a bonus.

I'd recommend the charter to anyone who enjoys sailing.

I'll have a look at the photos and see what would be suitable for your photo site.

Cheers Pip

Philippa C (Australia) travelled from Mykonos - Santorini - Mykonos, on a 2 week Economy Cabin Cruise of the Cyclades islands, with skipper Eric Copolla, from 26 June - 10 July 2007.

"My favourite places were the smaller, quieter places where large ferries do not land. Swimming and snorkelling opportunities excellent. Dolphin sighting was great!"
Victoria A, Scotland /UK, one week cruise Santorini - Mykonos, 17 - 24 July 2007 with skipper Eric Copolla

"The skipper was really fun and accommodating."
"Alex is great!"

Suchi S, India and John R., USA, Mykonos - Santorini cruise, 24 July - 31 July, with skipper Alexis Littoe.

From 2006.....

I had a great time and the trip exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Skipper and crew.

Joel C. (USA) cabin cruise Santorini - Mykonos - Santorini. 2 weeks. 14 August - 28 August, Skippers Denis and Alex.

This was our first sailing trip and not our last. Alex is a great skipper and made the trip a lot of fun. Thank you!

Hi Francesca,

We just got back from Greece, having spent almost 3 weeks there. My only wish was that we were sailing that whole time. We had such a great time! It was our first time on a sail boat, and the winds weren't cooperating (not much wind at all). But it was just a fantastic time. To specifically answer some of your questions.....

Boat - For a boat being 20 years old, it was in great shape. Everything was clean and we were all comfortable.
Skipper - What can I say, Alexis is the best! He was so much fun. The skipper is key to a great sailing experience and we couldn't have had a better one. I just can't express how happy we were with him.
Itinerary - We really enjoyed the different port cities. They were all very different and we always had something different to do in each. Our sister boat changed their itinerary towards the end of the trip and spent 2 nights in Santorini. Alexis took us to Ios and it turned out to be everyone's favorite island. He did a great job understanding his crew and knew where we'd have the most fun. I think the itinerary will be even better once the ports in Tourlos and Vilhada are complete.
Those are pretty bleak areas, but you can tell they will be great in the
Daily routine - The days were planned great......breakfast, sail, swim, lunch, sail, dock, dinner and night out in the villages. It's a great balance and very relaxing. At times we wished we didn't have to have dinner with the crew from the other boat, but it really wasn't a big deal. It was fun to be able to "work" the boat, and Alexis was so great being patient with us and letting us try new things. We also enjoyed
the diversity of things to do. One night we went to live music, one night we fished for sea urchins, the bbq on the beach, etc. Something new every day.

I think the only complaint we had was one that couldn't have been avoided. We had one person on the boat who snored very loudly. And he choose to sleep in the galley instead of his cabin, so he kept everyone up all night. We finally resorted to sleeping outside with ear plugs. Luckily you can be lazy all day and rest, because the lack of sleep on land would have been unbearable. This same person was constantly asking about the kitty. So we had one unpleasant person on our boat, but overall we liked how people were paired on the boats. Our sister boat had all French speaking people on it. Our friend Joel sailed the week before we got there and said communication can be uncomfortable. Our boat only had one person on it that couldn't speak English. So it was great to be able to communicate with everyone.

And a quick note on the kitty, since I know is was a complaint topic from previous people who booked the trip. We were 100% satisfied with how the kitty works. We were asked for 200euro each when we arrived. Alexis documented all expenses throughout (although only one person ever looked at them). There was a little money left over, which we told him to keep. Being on land for two weeks after sailing, you really learn to appreciate the value of being on the boat. We spent a fortune on food and drinks on land. On the boat we ate and drank plenty every day. We loved that Alexis ordered dinner for everyone each night. Coming from the US, Greek food is very different. We wouldn't have known what to order. So we ate and drank a lot all on minimal funds.

Hope our feedback helped. Again, it was such a fantastic time. Thank


Kate and Rick M, (USA) cabin cruise, Mykonos - Santorini, 1 week, 21 August - 28 August. Skipper: Alex

"I had a great time and am missing the life on board already!"
Alexandra G, Theatre Publicity, UK, Mykonos - Santorini Cruise with skipper Ludo, May 2006
See pictures...

"We'd like to try it again in better weather. It was great fun."
David and Linda G, USA, Syros - Syros cruise with skipper Denis, October 2006

From 2004.....

"Ashley and I enjoyed ourselves very much on our trip. We like our skipper and those also on our crew. Paying the skippers kitty made it very affordable, we hardly spent any other money during our stay in Greece. Overall, our yacht was in great condition. Our skipper was more than just our skipper on the boat, he also showed us around the islands like an experienced tourguide. If anything, I wish we could have had more information before we left including some of the destinations and islands we’d be visiting."
Ryan R, USA student.
Cabin Cruise holiday: S/Y Aegean Dream, Sun Magic 44, Skipper: Paco Urzaiz, Paros - Athens, 7 - 14 June 2003

From 2003.....

"Hello everyone- I just want to say thank you for the fabulous vacation, we had a wonderful time. Thomas was a great skipper and funny tour guide. The sailing was fun and was a thrilling way to see the Greek islands! I was wondering how we could get our hands on a T-shirt or two. Steve saw one that Thomas had and wished he had asked about it while we were there. Let me know if this is possible and how much and we'll do some advertising here in the States for you. Thanks again!"
Noelle O, Utah, USA
Cabin cruise: Santorini - Mykonos, 5 - 12 August 2003


Thanks for your e-mail and for providing the great service during our trip. I will say that it was quite an adventure and there were many cold and wet days where we didn't really think we were having the vaction depicted in the brochure, but no one can control the weather. All in all we had a great time and I would (and have) recommended your company to numerous people. Thomas did a great job trying to ensure that 6 different people with 6 different ideas of what the vacation should be all had a great time. He was friendly and flexible and made the trip a success.

We would love to "redo" this vacation (during the warmer months) but we really enjoyed the adventure and the group. Hopefully we will get better weather next time.

Thanks again


MIke booked a berth / cabin on a cabin cruise sailing yacht from Mykonos to Santorini in April 2011

Dear Francesca,

Unfortunately holidays are over. With respect to the cruise, it was a very pleasant experience. We enjoyed a lot sailing from one island to another and visiting them. The ship was ok although I have no previous experience and I have nothing to compare with. Junior, the skipper, was a very nice person and we felt secure in his hands. The first day, the sailing was a bit long because of the wind and some people became sick and for the same reason we coould not reach Amorgos but I think there is not too much you can do about it. To sum up, a very nice experience. I will do it again. Bye

Pablo booked a berth / cabin on a cabin cruise sailing yacht from Mykonos to Santorini in August 2011


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