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Charter bareboat sailing yachts Greece

We offer the following yachts for charter in Greece from various bases. General information on chartering bareboat sailing yachts in Greece...

Jeanneau Yachts - France

Jeanneau Yachts are ideal for bareboat charters - amazingly comfortable inside and out, everything is designed for ease of use. These French yachts also demonstrate remarkable stability under sail. With plenty of storage space these yachts are ideal for comfortable and memorable sailing holidays.

Jeanneau yachts

Sun Odyssey 29
Sun Odyssey 319 (new)
Sun Odyssey 32i
Sun Odyssey 33i
Sun Odyssey 33
Sun Odyssey 349
Sun Odyssey 35
Sun Odyssey 36
Sun Odyssey 36.2
Sun Odyssey 36i
Sun Odyssey 37
Sun Odyssey 379
Sun Odyssey 389
Sun Odyssey 39i
Sun Odyssey 40
Sun Odyssey 409
Sun Odyssey 419
Sun Odyssey 42
Sun Odyssey 42i
Sun Odyssey 43 (DS)
Sun Odyssey 439
Sun Odyssey 440 (new)
Sun Odyssey 44i
Sun Odyssey 449
Sun Odyssey 45
Sun Odyssey 469
Sun Odyssey 479 (new)
Sun Odyssey 49i
Sun Odyssey 49
Sun Odyssey 509
Sun Odyssey 519
Jeanneau 53
Sun Odyssey 54 DS
Jeanneau 57

Beneteau Yachts - France

Beneteau have been building top quality sailing yachts for more than a century. Good for sailing, racing and just plain chartering, Beneteau yachts are innovative, beautiful and luxurious. Another ideal choice for memorable bareboat sailing holidays.

Beneteau yachts

Oceanis 31
Oceanis 343
Oceanis 37 / Limited Edition Oceanis 38.1
Oceanis 381
Oceanis 393
Oceanis 40
First 40
Oceanis 41
Oceanis 411
Oceanis 43
Cyclades 43.4
Cyclades 43.3
Oceanis 45
Oceanis 46
Oceanis 473
Beneteau First 47.7
Oceanis 48
Beneteau 50
Oceanis 50
Cyclades 50.5
Oceanis 54
Oceanis 55
Beneteau 57

Bavaria Yachts - Germany

Bavaria yachts are built under very strict German guidelines with quality, integrity, combining old world craftmanship with the latest building technology, these yachts are comfortable, practical and strong and will ensure a smooth and enjoyable sailing vacation.

Bavaria yachts

Bavaria 30 cruiser
Bavria 32 / cruiser

Bavaria 33 cruiser
Bavaria 34 / cruiser
Bavaria 36 cruiser
Bavaria 36 Avantgarde
Bavaria 37 cruiser
Bavaria 38 cruiser
Bavaria 39 cruiser
Bavaria 40 / cruiser
Bavaria 40 Avantgarde
Bavaria cruiser 41
Bavaria 42 cruiser
Bavaria 43 cruiser
Bavaria 44 vision
Bavaria 44
Bavaria cruiser 45
Bavaria cruiser 46
Bavaria 47 cruiser
Bavaria 49
Bavaria 50 cruiser
Bavaria 51 cruiser
Bavaria 55 cruiser
Bavaria cruiser 56

Elan yachts

Elan Yachts, some of the most competitive sailing yachts available today. Elan features make them the ultimate racing machines such as twin rudders, T-shaped performance keel, chined hull for minimum drag and the latest 3D VAIL infusion technology. With state of the art deck equipment positioned for the optimum performance and a fine tuned sail plan, every Elan Yacht offers a superb sailing experience.

Elan is a global producer and supplier of sports and leisure time activities equipment with its origins in Slovenia. The company, established in 1945, has a proud long history in the market. The combination of these elements provides the ultimate sporting pleasure to our customers around the world.

Elan yachts

Elan 340
Elan 37
Elan i384
Elan 40
Elan i434
Elan 45
Elan i514

Hanse Yachts

Well known for their high performance as cruising and racing yachts, Hanse yachts are comfortable, spacious and sought after by sailing enthusiasts. One of the three largest manufactures of yachts globally, Hanse Yachts part of HanseYachts AG is a German manufacturer of sail yachts. The parent group comprises the Moody, Dehler, Varianta and Fjord brands.

Hanse yachts

Hanse 341
Hanse 345
Hanse 350
Hanse 370
Hanse 371
Hanse 385
Hanse 400
Hanse 415
Hanse 430
Hanse 470
Hanse 505
Hanse 540

Ocean Star Yachts - Greece

Well known in the sailing world, Ocean yachts deliver sailing performance without sacrifice to comfort. Comfortable leisure space is a trademark of Ocean yachts and they are designed to offer much space for guests.

Ocean Star yachts

Ocean Star 49.5
Ocean Star 51.1
Ocean Star 51.2
Ocean Star 56.1
Ocean Star 60.1


Catamarans, with their twin hulls, offer very spacious living quarters and plenty of deck space - the trampoline is perfect for sunbathing. They are generally considered more stable than sailing yachts as they lean less. However, they do take up more space in the ports which means an early docking each day is important if you want a berth.

Catamarans are in popular demand but there are not very many in Greece so reserve yours early (before December) if you want a catamaran during high season.


Lagoon 380
Lagoon 380 s2
Broadblue 385
Lagoon 39
Nautitech 40
Lavezzi 40
Lucia 40
Lagoon 400
Lagoon 400 s2
Lagoon 410
Lagoon 420
Lagoon 42
Lagoon 421
Bali 4.3
Belize 43
Lagoon 440
Nautitech 440
Lagoon 450
Bali 4.5
Bahia 46
Nautitech 47
Salina 48
Lagoon 500
Lagoon 52
Lagoon 560 s2
Lagoon 620*
Sunreef 62*
Sunreef 70*

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