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Discover the "Divine Cyclades" and "Ancient Paths"
on board the 25 cabin Boutique Cruise Ship / Mega Yacht "Elysium"

Sail the Greek seas of ancient mythological creatures and Gods, while you re-invent yourself. Visit pristine coves and beaches only accessible by small boat, discover one of the oldest civilisations in the world, learn a new craft, have a massage, meditate at sunset, enjoy a glass of chilled wine, hike a volcano, fish with locals, snorkel, stargaze, read a book. You decide. Greece awaits to soothe your soul and excite your senses aboard the Elysium.


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Never before has there been a truly boutique cruise ship completely dedicated to a synergy of wellbeing and deeply experiential voyages. Your time on board the Elysium will be nothing short of spectacularly unique, nothing like you have ever experienced before on a cruise. A fusion of relaxation, wellness, learning, discovering and fun.

With only 25 luxuriously cocooning staterooms, a spa, a gym, a deliciously healthy Mediterranean cuisine, an array of unparalleled cultural experiences and carefully designed wellness activities, the Elysium will pamper you, spoil you and transform you forever.

Every ELYSIUM cruise offers many activities options to mix and match and create a tailor-made journey. In addition to the various cultural and experiential activities, throughout the cruise, guests have the opportunity to follow yoga, pilates and meditation sessions, enjoy a massage at our spa or choose among a selection of water toys and water sports options. Our onboard Wellness Coach and our Cruise Concierge will help you put together the best suited plan for you. Exquisite farm-to table meals, refreshing drinks, cocktails and fine wines will complement the unique boutique cruise experience.

 Divine Cyclades Cruise

Departure port: Piraeus, Marina Zea
2022 Departure dates: Saturday - Saturday 

2*, 23* April (*Easter discounts)
7, 14, 21, 28 May
4, 11, 18, 25 June
2, 16, 23, 30 July
6, 13, 20, 27 August
3, 10, 17, 24 September
8, 15, 22, 29 October


Temple of Poseidon Sounion DAY 1 Zea - Cape Sounion
Embarkation at Marina Zea between 14:00-15:00. Welcome on board the Elysium with warm smiles from our crew and savor our signature cocktail during a smooth check-in. We set sail for the nearby Cape Sounion, home to the “Temple of Poseidon”, for your first refreshing dip in the Aegean waters. Perched at the edge of the cliff, the ancient sanctuary it is one of the most important monuments of the golden age of Athens. Dinner alfresco on board, to experience the mesmerizing sunset, a once in a lifetime experience. After dinner, lounge at the upper deck with music and drinks, while you watch the flickering lights of the mainland and feel the soothing salty breeze on your face. Overnight at anchor. 
Milos DAY 2 Sifnos - Milos - Kimolos
Morning arrival in the dreamy island of Sifnos, with its traditional white-washed architecture, its famous hiking trails and a sizzling food scene. Hike one of the many “Sifnos trails” or choose an optional excursion to the medieval ancient castle and the most photographed spot of Sifnos, the church of Seven Martyrs. Explore Apollonia, the picturesque capital, named after the God of light Apollo. Opt for a special Greek cooking lesson experience with lunch at a local home or enjoy your lunch at one of the many local tavernas. Afternoon sailing to the volcanic island of Milos for a swim stop at the iconic Sarakiniko beach. Its milky blue waters and spectacular white rock lunar landscape will enthrall you. Sail on to Kimolos, a true hidden gem, and discover its port Psathi and the surrounding authentic fishing villages. At nearby Goupa, you can see the so called “syrmata”, colorful boat garages carved in the rocks, and if we are lucky, we will encounter the local children playing in the water. Dinner on board the Elysium.
Santorini DAY 3 Ios - Santorini
Sail to Ios island and enjoy a refreshing swim stop at Manganari, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Greece. Optional excursions to the tomb of Homer, the author of the epic poems Iliad and Odyssey and strolling through the charming “chora” alleys. Lunch on board the Elysium. Afternoon arrival in Santorini island. Choose from an array of optional activities like a winery tour, a guided photography walk and more. In the evening find your perfect, romantic dinner spot, perched at the caldera and experience the world-famous Santorini sunset. Overnight at Santorini
Koufonissia DAY 4 Santorini - Schoinousa - Koufonisia
Wake up in mesmerizing Santorini and choose from the many optional activities, like a visit to the Akrotiri prehistoric excavation site and the Venetian castle, hiking the volcano crater and more. Lunch on board while sailing to unspoiled Schoinousa island for an afternoon swim stop. Sail on to Pano Koufonisi island, to explore the extraordinary sea caves, only accessible by boat. “Koufonisia”, meaning hollow islands, were given this name by pirates, as the huge caves convinced them the islands were in fact hollow. Unwind to the sounds of the sea, as we overnight at Pano Koufonisi port.
Naxos DAY 5 Despotiko Antiparos - Naxos
Sail towards the island of Antiparos, chosen by many celebrities for their low-key vacation. Enjoy a morning swim stop at the uninhabited island of Despotiko next to Antiparos. Alfresco lunch on board the Elysium and afternoon sailing to Naxos island. Explore the town of Naxos or go for one of the many optional excursions, like a visit to Kouros of Apollon, the olive press museum or hiking the Devil’s eye trail. Participate in our exciting Greek dance workshop. Overnight in Naxos port.
Cyclades islands Syros Mykonos DAY 6 Delos - Mykonos
Morning arrival in the island of Delos, the mythical birthplace of god Apollo and his twin sister Artemis, a Unesco World Heritage Site of unique energy. Optional tour of the archaological site. Mid-day sailing to the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, where we drop anchor at one of its beautiful southern beaches. Lunch on board. In the evening, enjoy a sunset drink at Little Venice, photograph the iconic windmills or simply explore the swirling pathways of the white-washed chora with the many elegant boutiques, cafes, restaurants and clubs. Optional excursions include visits to Paleokastro Monastery, the Maritime Museum or the Agricultural Museum. Overnight in Mykonos to enjoy its famous nightlife.

DAY 7 Serifos - Kythnos
Morning arrival in Serifos, a lesser-known island of distinct Cycladic flair, dotted with windmills, white-washed chapels, pristine beaches and many sites of cultural interest. Optional excursions include a visit to the Venetian Castle, the Monastery of Taxiarches, the Archaeological Museum, the Cave of Koutalas or opt for an immersive “Make a Greek jewel” workshop by a local artist. Afternoon sailing to Kythnos island for a swim stop at Kolona Bay beach, famous for its crystal-clear waters and golden sand. As the sun sets and the stars start to fill the night sky, it’s time for our special farewell beach BBQ. Late night we set sail for Piraeus.

DAY 8 Zea
Disembarkation at Marina Zea until 10:00 after breakfast.



Divine Cyclades cruise map


  • Relaxing & Fun: Swimming, snorkeling, water sports, cocktail lounging, beach BBQ, leisurely discovery walks, board games
  • Active: Volcano trekking, hiking trails, scuba diving*
  • Wellness & Fitness: Yoga, pilates, meditation sessions with onboard wellness coach, spa treatments, aquarobics, gym
  • Experiential: Cooking class with lunch at local home, wine tasting tour, Greek dance workshop
  • Cultural: Ancient ruins, churches and monasteries, excavation sites, museums, Cycladic architecture
  • Educational: Photography walk, “Make a Greek jewel” workshop
  • Nature: Pristine beaches, world famous Santorini sunset, volcanic islands, sea caves
    *Scuba diving will be offered by our trusted providers in Sifnos, Santorini, Naxos, Mykonos, Serifos


Departure port: Piraeus, Marina Zea

Suspended dates in 2022 due to Corinth Canal closure. 


Hydra DAY 1 Marina Zeas, Athens - Hydra
Embarkation at Marina Zea between 14:00-15:00. Welcome on board the Elysium and savor our signature cocktail during a smooth check-in. Evening arrival in the Saronic island of Hydra. Enjoy a leisurely walk at one of the most cosmopolitan and equally romantic destinations in Greece. Hydra is an architectural reserve, free of motor vehicles, and summer home to many international celebrities. Dinner on board the Elysium and overnight at the port of Hydra.
Monemvasia DAY 2 Fokianos - Monemvasia
In the morning we set sail for the Peloponnese, where you will enjoy a swim stop at the stunningly beautiful, sheltered bay of Fokianos, with its white pebble beach and crystal-clear waters. Lunch on board the Elysium. Late afternoon we arrive in the uniquely preserved medieval town of Monemvasia, meaning “the only entrance”. Explore its fairytale-like beauty and walk its narrow, pebbled alleys.
Join our optional historical tour and opt to hike up to the church of Hagia Sofia, among the oldest and most important Byzantine churches in Greece. The windswept panorama of the Aegean sea from atop the cliff will astound you. Overnight in Monemvasia.
Greek islands beaches DAY 3 Pavlopetri, Laconia - Elafonisos
Morning arrival off the coast of southern Laconia at Pavlopetri, one of the oldest submerged cities in the world. The spectacular Unesco Bronze age city is over 5000 years old and visiting this place is no doubt an impressive addition to any true traveler’s journal. The snorkeling over Pavlopetri is simply breathtaking and a memory that you will cherish forever. Just across from Pavlopetri, the tiny Elafonisos is a dream of an island, with sand hills and turquoise tropical waters. Swim ashore or let our tender take you to this magical beach, a Natura protected habitat. Lunch and dinner on board. Overnight at sea.
Ancient Olympia DAY 4 Katakolon - Ancient Olympia  - Zakynthos
Early morning arrival at Katakolon port, our base to explore the birthplace of the Olympic Games. The Unesco world heritage site of ancient Olympia will transport you to a different era. To this day the Olympic flame is lit from the rays of the sun, at the Temple of Hera and passed on by a high priestess. Take our optional historical tour to visit the archaeological sites and museums of ancient Olympia, undoubtedly one of the most significant ancient sanctuaries in the world. Late afternoon we set sail for Zakynthos island. Enjoy a swim at Vasilikos beach, visit the authentic villages in the area or opt for a horse-riding experience before we sail to the main port of Zakynthos. Discover the famous vibrant town, also known as Zante. Dinner on board the Elysium and overnight at port.
Shipwreck cove Zakynthos DAY 5 Navagio beach (Ship-wreck cove) Zakynthos - Ithaca
Morning arrival at the stunning world-famous “Navagio” beach. Also known as “smuggler’s cove, it has repeatedly been voted most beautiful beach in the world. Jump off the Elysium platform into the milky blue waters or let us take you onshore to enjoy the soft white sand beach and have a close-up look of the shipwreck. Lunch on board. Late afternoon we depart for Ithaca, the mythical island of Odysseus. Enjoy a chilled glass of wine or a cocktail next to the waves at the port of Milos, the heart of the nightlife in Ithaca. Overnight at Vathy port in Ithaca.
Ithaca DAY 6 Ithaca - Gidaki
Optional excursions to the Archaeological Collection of Stavros, which houses findings from excavations in the wider region of Stavros and northern Ithaca or to the small and peaceful Kathara  Monastery high up on a mountain. The views on the way back to Vathy port are staggering. In the afternoon we set sail to Gidaki, a stunning beach with emerald green waters, one of the most beautiful in the Ionian sea. Late evening departure for Itea. Dinner on board the Elysium and overnight at sea.

DAY 7 Itea - Ancient Delphi - Galaxidi - Corinth Canal
Early morning arrival in Itea, the perfect base for exploring Delphi and the beautiful Galaxidi, with our optional historical tours. The ancient sanctuary of Delphi, dedicated to the God Apollo, was considered the “navel of the world” and from there the Oracle and high priestess Pythia gave her  prophecies. The romantic and tranquil town of Galaxidi has a rich maritime history and was once one of Greece’s wealthiest ports and shipyards. Beautiful neoclassical architecture and pebble covered courtyard are immaculately preserved to this day. Return to the Elysium and enjoy a cocktail as you experience the unforgettable crossing of the narrow Corinth Canal. Farewell dinner on board.


DAY 8 Marina Zeas, Athens
Disembarkation at Marina Zea by 10:00 after breakfast


  • Relaxing & Fun: Swimming, snorkeling, water sports, cocktail lounging, beach BBQ, leisurely discovery walks, board games
  • Active: Horse riding on the beach, hiking up the “rock” of Monemvasia, scuba diving
  • Wellness & fitness: Yoga, pilates, meditation sessions, spa treatments, aquarobics, gym
  • Educational: Photography walk, make a Greek “komboloi” workshop
  • Experiential: Greek cooking class, Learn to make Greek praying beads
  • Cultural: Significant archaeological sites, Byzantine churches, monasteries, museums, Medieval towns and villages, oldest submerged city
  • Nature: NATURA protected habitat, world famous Ship-wreck Cove beach, spectacular coastline, Corinth Canal crossing

Ancient paths Cruise Map


CAT C: Lower Deck, Twin or Double Beds €2500
CAT B: Lower Deck, Twin or Double Beds €2900
CAT B+: Lower deck, Twin or Double Beds €3100
CAT A: Upper Deck, Twin or Double Beds €3750
CAT A+: Upper Deck, Twin or Double Beds €3950
Single Cabin Cat C Lower Deck €2500
Single Supplement 50%
3rd person discount 50%
Discount for child 10-15 yrs old 50%
Port taxes for Divine Cyclades €230 pp/pw
Port taxes for Ancient Paths / Peloponnese €260 pp/pw

5% discount for 2 weeks

► Accommodation in twin or double cabins with private bath, individually controlled A/C, snuggly all-season duvet, pillow menu, flat screen tv with various channels, music, minibar, personal safe, hair dryer, telephone for internal use, lavish bath products, spa robes and slippers, beach towels
► Buffet breakfast, half-board and on some days full-board, welcome cocktail, beach BBQ, still water and unlimited filter coffee, tea, cookies station
► Room service offered without surcharge
► All advice and group yoga, pilates, aquarobics, meditation sessions with our qualified onboard Wellness Coach
► Occasional themed seminars by visiting masters
► Access to mini gym
► Use of fishing equipment, sanitized snorkeling equipment and water sports equipment
► Wi-fi access
► All advice by our multilingual Cruise Concierge

► Beverages and alcoholic drinks
► Optional shore excursions or additional land arrangements
► Spa treatments
► Boutique purchases
► Medical services
► Water ski & scuba diving
► Passenger personal expenses
► Crew gratuities at passenger discretion
► Hair and nail services
► Laundry and dry-cleaning services

In response to changing travel conditions due to Covid19, we are committed to offering our customers flexibility during these challenging times. We will offer full refund or future cruise credit to passengers in the event of the following:

  • Greece imposing entry restrictions for certain nationalities
  • Greece or the country of origin imposing Covid19 quarantine measures
  • The country of origin imposing quarantine measures to their nationals upon their return from Greece

Fares do not Include: Port charges, travel insurance, transfers, optional air/sea or land arrangements (unless otherwise specified), optional shore excursions, airport charges. All onboard charges are in Euros.

Children discounted cruise fares
Children between the ages of 10-15 receive a 50% discount on the cruise fare, exclusive of port taxes. The Company does not accept reservations for children under 10 years old (except on scheduled family cruises).

Solo travelers/single supplement
Solo travelers are welcome on the cruise, as the Elysium offers many activities and facilities suitable for all types of travelers. Single supplement is set at a reduced 50% over current fares. In addition, the Elysium has a single cabin/no single supplement reserved on priority basis.

Cruise itinerary changes
The carrier reserves the right, at its sole option and discretion and that of the Captain of the ship, without liability for damages or refund of any kind, to alter or deviate from the ship`s advertised or ordinary itinerary or route due to weather conditions, force majeure, assistance to other ships in distress, saving of life at sea or other extraordinary conditions. Under such extreme circumstances, passengers are not entitled to any claims or refunds. The carrier will however make every effort that passengers access their port of disembarkation on time for their outwards flights.

The health and well-being of passengers and crew is our highest priority. The smaller, more intimate size of the Elysium is on its own an assurance of a higher safety level. Due to Covid-19, we are taking additional steps and applying even more rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols. We are actively following all Word Health Organization updates regarding Covid-19 and adjust our strategies accordingly, to ensure we meet the latest guidance of hygiene and cleaning.

These are some of the measures applied on board the Elysium:

  • All passengers required to have a PCR COVID-19 test no more than 96 hours prior to departure
  • Crew members are monitored daily for good health and always wear face masks
  • Daily UV sterilization of all staterooms and public areas
  • Use of approved disinfecting cleaning products effective against viruses
  • Strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols are also applied “behind the scenes” in areas like the kitchen, laundry room, crew quarters
  • Air management, enhanced filters and other technologies are applied where feasible to ensure fresh air circulation



I thoroughly enjoyed the Divine Cyclades cruise on board the Elysium. The weather let us down a little at the end and we didn`t make it as far as Santorini, but we got to visit beautiful Monemvassia and Nafplion instead for the last couple of days and they were also worth the visit. Delos was fascinating with its archaeological sites, Mykonos was lively, Sikinos for a wonderful swimstop, Folegandros and Sifnos were just beautiful to visit. 

The crew were just wonderful. Very friendly and professional. They looked after us with the kind of attention you certainly don`t get on the big ship cruises. What I liked most about these boutique style cruises is that you get to know people quickly, and make friends with just about everyone on board. You can get to beautiful anchorages and smaller ports the large ships can`t manage. The Captain was communicative and kept informing us of the next day`s plans. 

The food was also great - we never seemed to stop eating! It was fresh and versatile, mostly Mediterannean fusion cuisine, mostly self-service buffets, which meant we could choose from a large selection of meals everyday. I wouldn`t hesitate to go on the Elysium cruises again. 

Frances, September 2021. 

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