Sailing Areas



  • Sailing level: easy to moderate
  • Airports: El Venizelos International airport, Athens
  • Departure ports: Athens (Alimos), Aegina, Poros, Nafplion, Corinth
  • Wind conditions: mild to moderate
  • Key locations: Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Nafplion, Epidavros, Angistri, Monemvassia


The eastern coast of the Peloponnese and the islands of the Argolic and Saronic Gulfs are popular with Athenians and tourists alike. Along this route you will discover a number of cosmopolitan towns or island capitals, ancient temples, small peaceful fishing villages and unspoiled anchorages. This route is recommended for easy sailing or for shorter periods of charter as the islands are close together and well protected by the Attica peninsula to the north and the Peloponnese to the west. During high season (July and August) the area can be particularly busy as many Greeks also take their holidays here. Many charter yachts starting from Athens will follow a south-westerly route via Aegina, Poros to Hydra and Spetses, visiting smaller islands and mainland fishing ports along the way. From the island of Poros you can set sail on a bareboat yacht or join a flotilla programme.

Wind and Sailing Conditions: Easy to Intermediate

The Saronic, Argolic and eastern coast of the Peloponnesian Gulf is a very well protected cruising area with mild winds, averaging Force 3-4, usually from the North to North-East, ideal for relaxed sailing. In the Argolic Gulf, the wind is mostly in the summer, from the South-East, blowing Force 3-5. During spring and autumn the winds are normally weaker and blow from the South over the whole area. The Saronic area is divided into the coast around Athens and East Poros and Hydra were winds blow NE. The `Meltemi` begins around mid July and builds up to full strength in August and early September, dying down towards the end of September. During that time it can be forced up to 5-6 (35 to 40 knots). In Argolikos Kolpos and Hydra the wind can also be SE. The `Meltemi` is strong during lunch time and dies down at night. `The wind that comes from the mountains of the Peloponnese, `Katabatic`, can reach up to 30-35 knots butit only lasts a few hours.


There are three significant historical centres in this area in addition to the ancient theatre at Epidaurus and the temple of Aphaia on Aegina. Mycenae at the head of the Argolic Gulf was the center of the Mycenaean period, which succeeded the Minoans and provided the material for Homer`s epics. The rock fortress of Monemvassia is both stunning and full of historical significance as are the ancient cities of Nafplion and Corinth.

Athens was of course the centre of Classical Greece, although it is all too easy to attribute too much to this ancient city and forget the contributions to art, oratory, science and commerce from other city - states all over Greece, including Nafplio and Aegina, which were at different times the capitals of the newly liberated Greece.

Lastly, the fleets of Hydra and Spetses were of key importance in determining the outcome of the War of Independence (you can visit the female resistance fighter Bouboulina`s house in Spetses) 

Planning your trip

The majority of charters will begin from Athens` main marina Alimos (Kalamaki). From there you can set sail right away and most people head to the nearest island of Aegina. It is adviseable to take weather forecasts day by day and plan your route, heading west to the mainland or south towards the Argolic gulf, depending on your mood and the sailing conditions. If you are sailing for two weeks or longer, aim to get as far south (Monemvassia, for example) as you want to go after the first 3rd of your holiday period and then begin to make your way north again for the return journey as you always need to allow more time to sail upwind.

You can also start your sailing trip from Poros, which is centrally placed between the gulfs. There are regular ferries between all the islands and it is possible to also drive down the Peleponese coast to Galatas, opposite Poros, and take a ferry across from there. Boats are now also offered from Nafplion and Corinth. 

Travel Notes

Fly to Athens International airport and travel to Alimos marina (by taxi, approximately 45-50 minutes, 50 Euro), or the X96 bus, direct from the airport (approx €6, 65 minutes) to EDEM stop, just outside the marina. If travelling to Poros or one of the islands, travel to the ferry port at Piraeus by taxi (approx 1 hour, €50) or you can take the metro line from the airport to the last stop in Piraeus, or the X96 bus from the airport. Taxi and minivan transfers can be arranged on request.

Key Locations

  • Aegina island, including the Temple of Aphaia
  • Epidaurus - ancient amphitheatre
  • Poros island
  • Hydra island
  • Spetses island
  • Nafplion - mainland, ancient capital
  • Porto Heli
  • Monemvassia
One week intinerary from Athens, Alimos - Alimos
1st Day Alimos Marina Check-in at 17:00
2nd Day Alimos - Epidavros (31 nm) Alimos - Aegina (18 nm) Alimos - Korfos (29 nm)
3rd Day Epidauros - Hydra (32 nm) Aegina - Poros (15 nm) Korfos - Paleia Epidauros (10 nm) - Ankistri (10 nm)
4th Day Hydra - Spetses (15 nm) Poros - Spetses (27 nm) Angistri - Hydra (25 nm)
5th Day Spetses - Poros (26 nm) Spetses - Hydra (15 nm) Hydra - Poros (12 nm)
6th Day Poros - Aegina (13 nm) Hydra - Angistri (25 nm) Poros - Aegina (13 nm)
7th Day Aegina - Alimos (18 nm) Angistri - Alimos (21 nm) Aegina - Alimos (18 nm)
8th Day Check-out at 9:00


One week intinerary from Poros - Poros
1 Poros Check-in at 17:00
2 Poros - Methana (6 nm) - Vathi (11 nm) Poros - Hydra (12 nm) Poros - Spetses (27 nm)
3 Vathi - Paleia Epidaurus (9 nm) Hydra - Spetses (15 nm) Spetses - Nafplion (28 nm)
4 P. Epidavros - Korfos (8 nm) Spetses - Kilada (14 nm) Nafplion - Astros (10 nm) - Tiros (10 nm)
5 Korfos - Aegina (15 nm) Kilada - Porto Heli (12 nm) Astros - Sampatiki - Leonidio - Spetses (27 nm)
6 Aegina - Perdika (4 nm) - Angistri (5 nm) Porto Heli - Ermioni (15 nm) Spetses - Hydra (15 nm)
7 Angistri - Poros (13 nm) Ermioni - Poros (22 nm) Hydra - Poros (12 nm)
8 Check-out Poros at 9:00


Two week intinerary from Athens, Alimos, or Poros
1st Day Alimos Marina Check-in at 17:00
2nd Day Alimos - Poros (29 nm) Poros - Hydra (12 nm)
3rd Day Poros - Hydra (12 nm) Hydra - Ermioni (11 nm)
4th Day Hydra - Spetses (15 nm) Ermioni - Porto Cheli - Kilhada (13 nm)
5th Day Spetses - Naplio (28 nm) Kilada - Vivari (15 nm)
6th Day Nafplio - Astros - Tiros (22 nm) Vivari - Nafplion (9 nm)
7th Day Tiros - Kiparissi (20 nm) Nafplion - Astros - Tiros (22 nm)
8th Day Kiparissi - Monemvassia (24 nm) Tiros - Kiparissi (20 nm)
9th Day Monemvassia - Gerakas - Leonidio (30 nm) Kiparissi - Monemvassia (24 nm)
10th Day Leonidio - Porto Cheli (16 nm) Monemvassia - Gerakas - Leonidio (30 nm)
11th Day Porto Cheli - Poros (27 nm) Leonidio - Porto Cheli (16 nm)
12th Day Poros - Epidauros (20 nm) Porto Cheli - Spetses (5 nm)
13th Day Epidauros - Aegina (14 nm) Spetses - Hydra (15 nm)
14th Day Aegina - Alimos (18 nm) Hydra - Poros (12 nm)
15th Day Check-out at 9:00


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