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Running on Waves Cruises

Sailing Ship "Running on Waves" 

This traditional tall mast sailing ship offers private or scheduled cruising experiences in Greece that are a unique experience. With a crew of 21 to look after a maximum of 42 guests, you can be assured of being well looked after during your stay. With wind in the sails, the promise of green ecological cruising on the azure blue of the Aegean sea is something that you`ll never forget.

Discover "Running on Waves"

In 2022 "Running On Waves" will be hosting a number of spectacular Greek cruises. On board this classic tall mast sailing ship you will have many unforgettable experiences. 

As well as sail cruising around the Greek islands, you will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • sailing (and learning the ropes) including exclusive Marine Activities, such as knot-tying with the Boatswain, mast climbing, celestial navigation classes, sails-setting, steering the boat... 
  • on board ship tours (including Bridge tour and Engine tour)
  • visiting a new island or marina each day
  • attending `port talks` with the Cruise Director
  • all day free tender service to deliver you ashore and back
  • optional tour guide excursions (extra)
  • dancing
  • singing karaoke
  • watching movies
  • playing table games
  • socialising in one of the bars
  • meditating
  • swimming off the stern or at some amazing beaches
  • using a variety of water toys
  • yoga classes with professional instructor
  • massages
  • sun-deck jacuzzi
  • sunbathing on deck
  • lounging in shaded areas
  • Zumba fitness classes
  • daily pampering in gastronomic delights and learning the secrets of the Chef`s culinary skills in master classes
  • wine-tasting sessions
  • Greek dancing and Greek language lessons
  • towel-folding lessons and napkin folding craft
  • a la carte Captain`s dinner (once or twice per week)
  • photo-safari with the boatswain

Cruise Calendar

28 May - 4 June 2022
Delphi Cruise

All artificial works of art route into Ancient Greece. Where else you can find a divine nature combined with first manmade masterpieces? Get astonished with a handmade prodigy of the Corinth Canal. Visit Ancient Same blessed with holy miracles. Fill up with insouciance of the mountains, witness fields of bright red poppies and see loggerhead turtles. They are true feast for the eyes. And it is a true miracle someone created all this beauty...

Itinerary: Corfu - Paxi - Antipaxi - Ithaca - Kefalonia - Nafpaktos - Itea (Delphi) - Corinth Canal - Piraeus/Athens

4 June - 11 June 2022
Aegean Cruise

Incongruous? Not during this cruise. You will discover all grandeur of antiquity gathered on these islands – from the island, raised by Artemis to former Halicarnassus, vanquished by Alexander the Great. Yet it won’t bother you from jumping into an endless feast of merrymaking. You will never be tired of enjoying life in these islands – indeed, in one of them a mystical centre of power is hidden.

Itinerary: Piraeus (Athens) - Syros - Delos - Mykonos - Patmos - Kos - Santorini - Milos - Piraeus (Athens)

10 September - 17 September 2022
Dodecanese Cruise

These islands offer so much that one moment filled up with emotions you will try to behold Poseidon in the image of a fish-tailed winged leopard. You are interested what is "so much"? You will find here truly outstanding sunsets, a garden-island, vibrant nightlife, a battle place of Zeus and Titans, giants`petrified testicles, an Apollo`s abode... This is where the true Greece is... 

Itinerary: Mykonos - Ios - Santorini - Kos - Bodrum - Patmos - Naxos - Mykonos

17 September - 24 September 2022
Cyclades Cruise

On this voyage you will be taken a bit off the beaten track, and what breathtaking discoveries await you there! Homer’s birthplace - the Mastic island; the most male island, too; the fountain town… And you will get to know the style of life in one of only five world’s  Blue Zones.

Itinerary: Mykonos - Ikaria - Cesme (Turkey) - Chios - Tinos - Andros - Syros - Piraeus (Athens)


In addition to the regular Small Ship Cruises RUNNING ON WAVES operates so-called crossings. The word normally refers to a technical repositioning of a vessel from one port to another, which usually does not imply calls on the way. We, however, have developed a different concept. Our crossings are as interesting as our regular cruises and even more, in a way, as sometimes on such crossings we visit places, which are left out on full-scale cruises, even by boutique ships like RUNNING ON WAVES. Worth mentioning, crossings are usually shorter than a week, a good choice for those unable to fit a longer sailing into their tight schedule.  Besides, crossing itineraries come up on the calendar 1 – 2 months before departure, hence 50% discount on daily rates. Follow us and catch this rare opportunity to make a sailing voyage in royal comfort at a fraction of price.

Special Interest

RUNNING ON WAVES presents you with a unique opportunity to have a thematic cruise in the company of like-minders sharing common interests. On our boat we organize scheduled voyages for people involved in various creative activities, such as marine photography, or united by the same passion, for example pilgrimage to sacred places of Greece and Italy.

Thematic cruises can be arranged upon request, too, be it about golf, yoga, painting, music or gastronomy… 


Cabin Category   Cabin Description Cabin № 

Price per person in Double accommodation


Price per person in Single accommodation


 Port Calls per person for a 7-night cruise in Greek waters 


Port Calls per person for a 7 –night cruise in Adriatic
Mini-suite MAIN DECK 20 м2 double bed + sofa 5328  6660  295 398
Premium 18 м2 double bed  4 4319 5399 295 398
Premium 16 м2 double bed  2, 3 4102 5128 295 398
Premium 14 м2 double bed  6 3439 4299 295 398
Standard TWEEN DECK 12 м2 double bed 16, 17, 18  3168 3960 295 398
Standard 12 м2 pullman 14, 15, 21  3168 3960 295 398
Standard 11 м2 double bed 29  2843 3554 295 398
Standard 11 м2 twin  24 2843 3554 295 398
Economy* 12 м2 triple 19, 23, 25, 27  1832 n/a 295 398
Economy* 11 м2 triple 22  1680 n/a 295 398
  • Price per person in triple accommodation 


  • 30% off the cabin fare if booked more than 9 months prior to departure date of your chosen cruise;
  • 20% off the cabin fare if booked 9 to 6 months prior to departure date of your chosen cruise;
  • 10% off the cabin fare if booked 6 to 3 months prior to departure date of your chosen cruise.

Prices include / free of charge:

• Full board (meals 4 times a day)
• Coffee/ tea and still water, crackers free during a day at the bar counter
• Kayaks, windsurf boards, fins and masks for snorkeling
• Entertainments on board: show and animation programs, sails practices, yoga classes, karaoke
• SAT TV in the cabins
• Jacuzzi
• Internet (300 MB per person per day)

On extra payment:

• Cocktails, alcohol and drinks in the bar
• Diving equipment and diving instructor services, underwater group tours
• Rent of underwater towing scooters
• Water skies, wakeboards etc.
• Instructors for windsurfing and diving
• Bus excursions with invited guide
• Laundry services, massage services
• Air tickets, transfer and visa cost
• Service charge (tips) is 8 Euro per day per Guest (on Guests’s decision)

Special deal for children:

• 2 adults +1 child 8-12 years, child discount - 100% off
• 2 adults +1 child 12-18 years, child discount - 50% off
• 1 adult + 1 child  8-12 years, child discount - 50% off
• 1 adult + 1 child 12-18 years, child discount - 25% off

Notice: Children under 8 years will be allowed on board on special request and upon approval by the Company.

Special Booking and Cancellation Terms

To address current situation of uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have devised the RISK-FREE booking policy, so as to guarantee you against any financial losses in any event.

For all cabin bookings made after August 20, 2020 on scheduled cruises aboard RUNNING ON WAVES in 2021 cancellation is free of charge up to 72 hours before departure and full payment will be refunded (less an administrative charge of €200 per passenger) or we can offer you a future Cruise Credit Voucher for the full amount paid to the moment of cancellation, PLUS 10% BONUS discount on your cruise fare, PLUS A MYSTERY BONUS ON BOARD. The voucher valid up to December 31, 2022 (with possible extension thereafter, if the situation requires).

Such transferal can be either to a particular departure date in the future, or if you are hesitant about your new desired date of cruise, the voucher will be issued for the whole period up to December 31, 2022 (with possible extension) with validity for any scheduled cruise by RUNNING ON WAVES, subject to cabins availability.

The Company guarantees to retain for the alternative cruise the same cruise fare at which the original booking was made. If you have booked your cruise with an Early Booking Benefit, your special 10% BONUS discount will be added to your existing Early Booking discount.

Booking terms

  • Deposit at the time of booking 25% of the cruise fare.
  • Balance, including port fees, is due 30 days before departure. If the booking is made less than 30 days before departure, full payment is due at the time of booking.