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ss Running on Waves

This traditional tall mast sailing ship offers private or scheduled cruising experiences in Greece that are a unique experience. With a crew of 21 to look after a maximum of 42 guests, you can be assured of being well looked after during your stay. With wind in the sails, the promise of green ecological cruising on the azure blue of the Aegean sea is something that you`ll never forget.

Ecology friendly sailing voyages

Awareness cruising. We do sailing and we do it for real.

At RUNNING ON WAVES we endeavor to revive the good old days of genuine TALL SHIP sailing, with an impact on the environment like spray passing on the crest of a sea wave.

Apart from sailing, our main purpose is to open doors to local cultures for our guests, and it makes all the difference. That is why we not only visit bigger ports, which usually pipe in the main share of travel revenue in any country, but also smaller islands with their unique traditional ways of life. Such places are sometimes in real want of tourism incomes, and we, as well as our guests, contribute to local economies.  

Some of the islands have no airport and are equally inaccessible to bigger cruise liners, but RUNNING ON WAVES is free to sail anywhere owing to her low draft. In such places we can offer our guests a visit to a privately owned winery, cheese- or oil-making factory, a monastery unknown to masses, a site of Ancient Hellas legacy or a national park… If you choose to do so, your will be accompanied by local guides, and will communicate with local people.

However, our arrivals to an island, big or small, is never like an invasion of a numberless throng, with rows of double-deckers waiting at the pier. No, we come and go in harmony, without breaking peace and quietness. As often as not, especially in smaller islands, our guests prefer to use no transportation at all. They are in a mood instead to get lost in a labyrinth of a charming old town...

Local food and local wine, what could be more important for the one who seeks to learn things about a new land ? In accordance with the Slow Food principles, we purchase and serve our Guests local seasonal products as often as possible.

Carbon emissions reduction. Sails, not exhausts.

Wind being her main driving power, RUNNING ON WAVES boasts unbeatably low level of fuel consumption, on average 75 l per hour, which is about 10 times lower than on a motor boat of a comparable size. Moreover, the procedures of the Company entitle the Crew in charge to salary bonuses for further reduction of fuel consumption, which is achieved through sailing skills.

Environment protection. Clean seas, clean shores.

To maintain ecology-friendly operation, we apply innovative technology solutions, such as the three-fraction waste separation procedure and the full cycle water usage on board: sea water  freshened by desalinators is used for showers, drinking and technical needs alike, and afterwards passes thorough sewage treatment plant, and thus cleansed goes back to the sea.

Equal opportunities and diversity. A true maritime team spirit.

Seafaring and hospitality professionals come to work on board RUNNING ON WAVES from all over the world, including Greece, Cyprus, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Indonesia, Australia, and constitute the strong team. In this team, like in a family, everyone feels secured and supported by the others, while all are proud to deliver the exceptional experience, which has no its equal in the travel industry.

Worth mentioning, women hold 50% of top positions at hospitality department on board and at the Headquarters of the Company.

Classic design

Our 18 state cabins equipped with a 5-star hotel room facilities provide various accommodation options to meet requirements of business guests, leisure travelers and families alike. They are intricately decorated with mosaics and feature marble sinks in the bathrooms, which enjoy unlimited supply of fresh desalinated water.

The interior concept deftly embodies Art Deco ideas with carefully selected natural materials: mahogany, leather, teak, corian, stainless steel, - while marine accessories and paintings of contemporary artists call to life a strong charisma of the classical yachting style.

From your cabin you can monitor the vessel’s current operation, since images from surface and underwater cameras as well as navigation systems indications from the bridge are broadcast to the cabins TVs.

Air-conditioned salon hosts the restaurant for 42 guests and is also used as a multimedia hall for business events and entertainment.
Apart from the main bar in the salon and open Ocean bar on the main deck, there are three other bar areas where one can relish a glass of subtle wine or one of authors cocktails from our bartenders:

  • Terrace lounge, where you can also reserve a table for your romantic terrace dinner;
  • Sun Deck area, with sun-beds and open Jacuzzi;
  • Cockpit lounge.

By mornings, Terrace lounge is converted into a hall for yoga sessions, and adjacent to it there is a cosy massage cabinet for nurturing your physical wellbeing.

A large number of shadowed zones allows you to enjoy a cruise even despite the baking sun.

The hydraulic ramp provides direct approach to water from the stern for swimming and water sports.

Sun Deck

Primary feature — a spacious deck for sunbathing with 16 chaise lounge chairs, which are accessible at any time absolutely free of charge. Additionally, the ship has a large area of covered surfaces, creating vast shaded zones on open decks, which allow for an enjoyable cruise while being protected from the sun.

A fresh water Jacuzzi-swimming pool, accommodating six people, is located in the fore of the ship. In the aft of the ship, navigation equipment is behind the command bridge, followed by the massage center and the lounge area. A tour of the command bridge can be arranged at passenger’s request. One may enjoy professional massage services in the massage parlor, followed by some downtime on a small sofa in the lounge area.

Main Deck

The restaurant located on the Main deck is ready to please the ship’s guests with delicacies of Mediterranean cuisine. A fantastic Ocean Bar, located in front of the restaurant in the central part of the deck, offers refreshing drinks and exotic cocktails.

You can enjoy your breakfast seated on comfortable sofas located in the cockpit, aft of the ship. Smoking is not prohibited in this zone.

An observation deck in the fore of the ship is above the bowsprit, creating the feeling of flying over the water!

Cabins Of The Main Deck

Mini-suites and Premium cabins are located on the main deck. Size of the cabins vary from 14m2 – 20m2 (150ft2 – 215ft2).

All cabins on board the ship have outside access. The bathrooms are finished with marble and are equipped with modern lavatories and showers. Every cabin is fitted with a telephone, multifunctional TV monitor, safe, refrigerator, air-conditioning and heating systems.

Internet and satellite television are available on board. TV Screens broadcast additional information such as:

  • Signals from two underwater cameras and from a camera mounted on one of the masts
  • Data from navigation devices directly from the conning (navigation) room – depth gauge, GPS, etc.
  • Onboard events information, details and agendas for ports of call, etc.

Interiors are decorated in Mediterranean style with fabric wall décor and redwood furnishings. A medieval-style mosaic greets guests at the entrance to the cabin and the flooring is made of teakwood. All lanterns and fixtures are of nautical style. These cabins have a king size bed, a wardrobe and a bar. Cabin №5 also has a soft corner couch.

Tween Deck

Passenger cabins occupy most of the tween deck. Crew cabins, companion cabins for the crew and the galley are also located on the tween deck. Fully equipped Water sports center with access to a hydraulic ramp is located in the stern. The stern can be opened up and lowered onto the water, transforming into a diving deck for water sports and recreation.

The cabins located on the lower deck are fitted with portholes (circular windows). Cabins sizes vary between 11m2 – 12m2 (118ft2 – 129ft2). The tween deck cabins can accommodate up to three people with the Pullman berth.

Cabin interiors are decorated in light blueish colors with Gobelin tapestry wall décor and high quality solid wood furnishings. A medieval-style mosaic greets guests at the entrance to the cabin and the flooring is made of teakwood. All lanterns and fixtures are of nautical style and paintings by modern artists adorn the walls. All cabins have a wardrobe and a bar.

Some cabins on the tween deck have king size beds (cabins №16, 17, 18, 29) while others feature bunk beds  (cabins № 14, 15, 21).

One cabin has tween beds (№ 24).

Cabins №19, 22, 23, 25, 27 have triple beds in each one.


Our experienced and dedicated international crew consists of 21 multilingual professionals of luxury hospitality and seamanship, who take full care of your perfect safety and enwrap you with impeccable service and personalized attention, sensitive to any shades of your mood, your personal tastes or your national and cultural proclivity. Suffice it to say, that our esteemed guests come from the USA in the West to China in the East and from Australia in the South to Russia in the North, as well as from Europe and Middle East.

Our skilled crew will see to your every need and anticipate your every desire, from accommodating your gastronomic preferences to organizing instant tender services, shore excursions, massage treatment, water fun, yoga and other classes, all kinds of animation and entertainment or any other extras whatever they might be.


Our Guests have a taste for fine cuisine that is why our Chefs come to us from the most luxurious hotels and gorgeous yachts exclusively. Our main culinary concept is Mediterranean cuisine with savoury hints of Greek tradition. We, however, ensure that any dietary or cultural preferences of yours are fully accommodated.

We serve meals four times a day, buffet or a la carte, made of finest ingredients, enriched with local delicacies and fresh seafood. Start the day with a captivating taste of traditional Greek coffee, or order your other favourite from our rarity coffee machine. Luscious fresh juices, smoothies and cocktails help you linger from an ample breakfast to a hearty lunch and via an afternoon tea to a decadent dinner accompanied with excellent wines from our vast collection and topped with mouth-watering desserts.

For even deeper indulgence (in for a penny – in for a pound) you can move to one of the open lounges at the decks and test our cigars or nargile. As often as not, instead of having lunch in the Restaurant, our guests like to enjoy it in the Greek tavern at the open deck. We will also be happy to book a romantic Terrace dinner for you - beyond doubt you will have one more memorable moment of the journey!

The Chef’s culinary master-classes and wine tasting also make part of genuine gastronomy experience on board. Now if you intend to astonish your dear guests beyond words, let us create an absolutely special Indulgence menu limited with nothing but your imagination.

Watersports & activities

Each time we anchor in a beautiful bay, a hydraulic apparel in the stern part of the vessel makes for a spacious platform in no time at all, and provides unlimited possibilities for a variety of water sports and fun, such as swimming, water slide, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, wakeboard, water ski, deep-sea fishing, mini-banana, underwater scooters.

Total length (with the bowsprit) 64,00 m
 Body length 55,30 m
 Length between perpendiculars  44,65 m
 Extreme beam  9,50 m
 Keel draft  3,20 m
 Hull height  6,00 m
 Designed displacement  700 t
 Sail area 1120 m2
 Air draft Approximately 45m
 Rig type Barquentine
Vessel speed at operating engine 10 knots
Engine Volvo Penta D16MH
Engine output / at rpm 478 kW / 1800 rpm
Gross tonnage GT = 630
Crew 21
Passengers 42


Our ship’s rigging – barquentine– has four-sided sails on the foremast and gaff-sails on the main mast and on the mizzen.
Hydraulic rollers govern four-sided sails on the foremast and three jibs. Sails on the main mast and mizzen mast are governed by hydraulic capstans. Boom of the rear jib-header serves as an additional device for cargo lifting.

  • Fresh water Jacuzzi-swimming pool
  • Massage center
  • Lounge area
  • Restaurant
  • Ocean Bar
  • Observation deck
  • Every cabin is fitted with a telephone, multifunctional TV monitor, safe, refrigerator, air-conditioning and heating systems.
  • Internet and satellite television are available on board.
  • Inexhaustive catalogue of tailor-made activities, animation and entertainments
  • Water sports and fun: swimming, water slide, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, wakeboard, water ski, deep-sea fishing, mini-banana, underwater scooters with access to a hydraulic ram
  • Maritime master-classes: bridge and engine tour, sailor’s knots tying, mast climbing, sail setting, celestial navigation, yacht running.
  • Yoga, Zumba-fitness, massage.
  • Photosafari.
  • Culinary master-classes and wine tasting, nargile, cigars.
  • Classes of Greek language and dances.
  • Serviette- and towel-folding lessons.
  • Land excursions.
  • Salon entertainment: Disco, karaoke, cinema, table games.

If you are thinking about a top-class cruise, this is the one! Most pleasant staff, always smiling and genuinely caring for guests. All your needs are taken care of. Food is mind blowing, sea sports are widely available and on demand. Claudia and Robert are just simply extraordinary human beings, making your experience truly unforgettable. The boat is not only magnificent, but very comfortable and offers the opportunity to be on your own as well when needed.
An experience to be repeated!

Inma Montero Wednesday, October 30, 2019

We cruised the Ionian Sea in September 2019.
This was our first such experience. And obviously not the last! This travel exceeded our expectations. Chic sailing ship with a great crew.The cook deserves special praise - the cuisine was excellent.
Comfortable and cozy cabins, beautifully designed interior of the ship.
Thoughtful and interesting route. During the cruise, we visited many picturesque and romantic beaches, some of which are not accessible from land. We visited several interesting islands and ports, which are not crowded with tourists and where large cruise ships do not go.
We had a great time. Definitely - I recommend!

Fedor Kartashov Friday, October 4, 2019

I had the cruise on the Ionian island in September 2019 on the Ionian Sea and must confess that before I board the boat I did not really know what to expect. This was my first experience in a cruise liner and also my first summer in Greece (it will not be the last for sure) and even though I had received very good reviews of the cruise from my experienced travel agent, a boat enthusiast I sincerely did not know what to expect.
Now, I must admit that all my expectations and more were met. The managers of the cruise, Claudia and Robert, did an excellent job keeping us busy but at the same time providing the gusts with enough flexibility to enjoy our time both on board and during the inland trips. They were incredible friendly and helpful not missing a single opportunity to make our stay unforgettable.
The crew members were also very friendly, skilled and patient with us and greatly contributed to the enjoyment of the experience while the food and dinning/bar services were first class. We were just 30 guests being the boat full but we all had the feeling that the boat was ours. It is a unique experience because there simply few sail cruise boats available and the boat itself is a magnificent piece of marine art engineering.
For me, it was a most memorable experience personal experience . I would not hesitate a second to repeat it in the future again.

Luis Gomez Orodea Thursday, September 19, 2019

When we stepped on board, every detail thereafter was simply superior.  The Captain, and all of the staff were completely professional, courteous and on point.  The condition of the boat was super, and the food was terrific.  This was our second charter and a major one for me because I was hosting my entire direct family at my expense, so the pressure was on.  By the end of the week, I had twenty-seven people telling me that it had been the single best vacation week of their lives.  I cannot commend you, Robert and the amazing boat staff enough.  We are seriously considering scheduling another trip.  Honestly, we have been all over the world, and this was a world-class experience.

Charter Guest Sunday, June 2, 2019

As if playing a game of pebbles skipping on the water, RUNNING ON WAVES sailed us across the blue waters of the Cyclades, island to island, for seven memorable days. Effortlessly gliding across the gleaming Aegean, iconic winged sails fluttering in the wind, the Aegean sirens beckoned us, like in a modern Odyssey, to drink life to the lees. With spirits yearning to soar away from common duties, we abandoned ourselves to a most capable and trustworthy crew for an unforgettable experience. The comfort of the facilities, the friendly staff always ready to respond to our needs, the excellent food by a creative chef, the well-organised activities, our forays with the ship`s tender to alluring, secluded beaches and not least our beautiful evenings sipping drinks on the deck at sunset, make us highly recommend this sea adventure! Punctual, attentive to all safety aspects, we can say without reservation that our island-hopping on RUNNING ON WAVES will stay forever in our cache of cherished memories.

Nafplion, September 19, 2018


Eleftheria Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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