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Corinth to Kefalonia Delivery Flotilla

2 weeks for the price of 1 Explorer Delivery Flotilla: 1 - 16 May 2021

A great opportunity to explore an area seldom frequented by flotillas. This is a one-way delivery route to sail our fleet from our base in Corinth to their summer home in Kefalonia.

Starting from Corinth harbour, we explore the Gulf of Corinth, visiting the Alkyion islands on our way to Itea, with a chance to visit Delphi, considered to the the centre of the world according to the ancient Greeks. Moving on we’ll explore Galaxidi and Nafpaktos on the mainland before heading under the Rion Bridge and to Patras. After Patras, we head out of the Gulf and south to Kyllini, and a chance to stop, take a breath, and then set off inland once more for a trip to Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games. From there we sail across to Zakynthos, visiting Zante town and Aghios Nikolaos, with a chance to take a trip to see Navagio Bay with its famous shipwreck. Kefalonia next, as we head north to our summer home in Eufimia.

The itinerary

Saturday 1 May CORINTH Fly to Athens International airport and transfer to Corinth for embarkation in the afternoon. 
Sunday 2 May ALKYONIDES ISLANDS (15 nm) These four deserted islands (actually the peaks of undersea mountains) pack charm and natural beauty in equal measure offering virgin landscapes and stunning views. 
Monday 3 May ANTIKYRA (23 nm) Your first stop on the northern mainland coast as you start your journey west through the gulf of Corinth. Antikyra appeared in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships as the primary port of ancient Phocis. It was famed in antiquity for its black and white hellebore.
Tuesday 4 May ITEA (20 nm) Today you`ll sail round the headland and to the northern-most part of the gulf, Itea.
Wednesday 5 May DELPHI The flotilla rests at Itea for a day so antiquity lovers can join a trip to ancient Delphi, site of the Oracle. Or freesailing day in the gulf if you prefer. 
Thursday 6 May GALIXIDI (5 nm) A stunning small touwn packed with history and culture. 
Friday 7 May TRIZONIA (20 nm) Everyone loves this small island with clear waters, the only inhabited islet in the Corinthian gulf.
Saturday 8 May NAFPAKTOS (15 nm) This small town is considered one of the most beautiful in the district. The charming natural harbour is flanked by a two Venetian monuments and there are some wonderful beaches nearby.
Sunday 9 May PATRAS (12 nm) Today you`ll sail under the Rio–Antirrio bridge: the world`s longest multi-span cable-stayed bridge. It crosses the Gulf of Corinth near Patras, linking the town of Rio on the Peloponnese to Antirrio on mainland Greece. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Greece`s third biggest city, famous for its springtime carnivals. 
Monday 10 May KYLLINI (38 nm) A longer sail today, heading south around the western coast of the Peloponnese to Kyllini. 
Tuesday 11 May ANCIENT OLYMPIA The flotilla stays put today as a trip overland to ancient Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games, cannot be missed.
Wednesday 12 May ZAKYNTHOS TOWN (16 nm) A yachting village through and through, boasting lots of charm and character. There`s a lively waterfront & a maze of narrow streets to explore. 
Thursday 13 May AGHIOS NIKOLAOS (14 nm) North to Aghios Nikolaos early. From there it`s worth taking a boat trip over to the famous Shipwreck bay, probably the source of so many Greek postcards. 
Friday 14 May POROS, KEFALONIA (17 nm) Enjoy this charming little island town and its lovely sandy beaches. 
Saturday 15 May AGHIA EUFIMIA, KEFALONIA (12 nm) Last sail today towards our final destination, with a farewell meal in one of our favourite Ionian tavernas.
Sunday 16 May AGHIA EUFIMIA, KEFALONIA Disembarkation and transfer to Kefalonia airport. If you have an evening flight, how about a trip to the Melisani caves? Well worth a visit. 

The Weather

Early May in Greece can see some changeable weather, regardless of where we are sailing, so some lightweight waterproofs is a good idea. Once we get into the Gulf of Patras and Corinth, expect some freshening breezes, with F4-6 not uncommon. Temperatures in the day should be “T-Shirt” weather, but the evenings will be cooler, so take a fleece so you can still enjoy al-fresco dining. 

2021 prices (per yacht) – 2 weeks for the price of 1

Book by the end of November with only £100 down payment per booking, fully refundable if you change your mind before Christmas*.

Yacht Security Deposit

Returnable Deposit:

  • Yachts 35 ft or under – £1000
  • Yachts 36 ft to 40ft – £1500
  • Yachts 41 ft to 45ft – £2000

Non-Returnable Yacht Damage Waiver:

  • Yachts 35 ft or under – 2 weeks £180
  • Yachts 36 ft to 40ft – 2 weeks £270
  • Yachts 41 ft to 45ft – 2 weeks £375


  • Sea kayak £100
  • Inflatable SUP (stand up paddle board) £100
  • Child safety netting £100 per charter
  • Skipper £150 per day
  • Hostess £100 per day
  • Seafarer Beach Towel £15 (yours to keep)

Flights / Transfers

  • Fly into Athens with direct flights from London & Manchester. Flight time 3 hrs 20 mins
  • Return Flight from Kefalonia with direct flights to a wide range of destinations. Flight time 3 hrs
  • Transfers can be arranged on request

ATOL licensed / ATOL protected flights from the UK are available on request through our ABTA bonded partners, giving additional protection.

*Not valid for flights. 

Area map