Dear Clients,

There is no safer holiday than the social isolation offered on a sailing yacht with your own family or friends. You can choose where to go and avoid crowded areas, dropping anchors in isolated bays overnight if you prefer.

We have taken all necessary measures in order to welcome our guests on board with safety. 

  • All yachts will be cleaned and sterilised throughout before every charter. We also provide face masks and antiseptics.
  • Everyone working in the travel sector has to undergo weekly coronavirus self-tests and the majority are fully vaccinated. 
  • We can arrange transfers upon your arrival to Greece and bring you straight to the boat, on request. 
  • Our staff will follow all safety measures including wearing masks and gloves and keeping necessary distances.
  • You can pre-order your provisions and they can be delivered to your yacht without having to go to the supermarket yourself.
  • Linen will be provided packaged, directly from the dry cleaner.

Cancellations / Postponements

We strongly advise you to purchase trip cancellation insurance when you book, which will cover you and your crew if any of you should test positive and or be unable to travel due to restrictions caused by Covid-19. Charter travellers are able to enjoy integrated protection charter packages enhanced with securing for travel cancellations and travel interruption caused by Covid-19 under the conditions of Travel Cancellation Costs Insurance. 

 Bareboat charters / Protection against Covid disruptions & skipper liability insurance packages with Pantaenius (Click here to find out more).

  • If a charter trip is not commenced due to an unexpected illness (including Covid-19), charter cancellation costs and flight cancellation costs are covered by the insurance.
  • If only one crew member tests positive, only this ONE is a claim case. If the positive tested person is the skipper and there is no substitute it would be a complete cancellation claim.
  • Trip interruption is covered according to the travel cancellation insurance clauses/conditions.

General travel / crewed charters / alternative insurance providers

Alternative insurance providers can be found here and the list is regularly updated:


Odyssey Sailing has not acted as an insurance agent or broker but merely introduced parties. As such, Odyssey Sailing makes no representations or warranties as to coverages afforded under the policies nor assumes any liability for any whatsoever act, fault, omission or negligence, for any denial of cover by insurers for whatever reason or for any applicable policy deductible(s). The insured is at all times recommended to carefully read the insurance policy conditions and to consult insurance brokers and obtain professional assurance that the policy conditions are appropriate to the particular situation.

Sincerely yours,
Odyssey Sailing Team