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Yacht Charter & Sailing Vacations in Greece

Sailing vacations & yacht charter holidays in the Greek islands: bareboat and crewed yachts,
monohulls, sailing boats, catamarans, motor yachts, flotilla, cruises, learn to sail courses...


Charter a sailing boat or motor yacht in Greece for your summer holidays and explore the Aegean and Ionian seas.

For less than the price of a hotel and daily transport you have your own self-catering floating home which affords access to some of the most beautiful beaches, ports, and locations in the Greek islands and mainland coastline, places that are often unreachable or hard to discover from land.

Escape the crowds and plan your own itineraries, visiting a new location every day, or going where the winds take you. Can't sail? Ask for a crewed yacht or a skipper and we will provide the whole package. Whatever your needs or desires, we can cater the sailing vacation of your dreams in an Odyssean world of discovery and adventure.

Sailing holidays & yacht charter options




Bareboat yachtsbareboat sailing yachts monohulls

If you have your own skipper or sailing licence, just choose your boat & set sail into the Aegean and Ionion seas.

Monohull sailing yachts for bareboat charter...

Multihulls / catamaransCatamarans and multihull yachts

Popular because they are spacious and comfortable, catamarans are limited in number so early booking is essential.





Crewed YachtsCrewed sailing holiday

For those who need a skipper, captain, hostess, chef or other sailing crew.

Sailing vacations with crew

Share-a-sail / Cabin cruisesCabin cruises and shared sailing charters

Individual berth or cabin charter cruises for anyone travelling alone or in a small group.

Cabin cruises..





Small Ships CuisesScheduled cruises on small motor and sailing ships

Casual cruises on small-scale motor yachts and motorsailers around the Greek islands.

Scheduled cruises...

Motor yachtsFully crewed motor yachts

Skippered and fully crewed motor yachts available for unforgettable cruises in the Greek islands.

Motor yachts and Mega Yachts




Flotilla sailing holidaysFlotilla sailing holidays in Greece

Sail with other yachts on fabulous itineraries through the Greek islands. A fully qualified team on a lead yacht will accompany you.

Flotilla vacations...

Crewed motorsailers & guletsCrewed motorsailers and gulets

For groups we can offer a selection of crewed motorsailers and gulets in Greece, Turkey or Croatia.

Motorsailers from Athens

Gulets from Dodecanese or Turkey



Nature and wildlife sailing holidaysNature and wildlife sailing cruises

Join a team of highly dedicated environmentalists who will show you the highlights of Greece's exquisite flora and fauna.

Eco-sailing cruises...

Sailing and Hiking holidaysSailing and hiking cruises in Greece

If you enjoy exploring as much as sailing, this is the holiday for you. Off-the-beaten track trekking holidays in the Cyclades.

Sailing, hiking & trekking...



Sailing and Scuba Diving holidaysScuba diving sailing holidays in Greece

Whether you are a certified diver or a beginner, we can offer a fully equipped scuba diving sailing yacht for private charter or shared cruises with qualified divemaster on board.

Scuba diving sailing holidays...

LGBTQ sailing holidays

It's important to find a skipper or crew who you are comfortable sailing with, and we can help with that.

Gay or nudist sailing holidays



Disabled sailing holidaysDisabled sailing holidays in Greece

Contact us for further details on how to enjoy sailing in Greece despite your disabilities on a fully-customised yacht and caring crew.
Please request details.

Customised sailing vacationsCustomised sailing holidays

Tell us what you would like and we'll do the rest!

Where to sail in Greece



The Argo-Saronic Gulfsparthenon

Sail from Athens, Aegina or Poros and discover classical settings of ancient Greece as well as some of the most beautiful islands and the Peloponnese.

The Argo Saronic and Peloponnese

The Cyclades islandssantorini

Set sail from Lavrion, Syros, Paros or Mykonos to explore these very beautiful and most popular islands including the world famous Volcanic island of Santorini and Delos, the ancient capital.

The Cyclades islands



The Dodecanese islandsThe Dodecanese islands

Begin your sailing holiday in Rhodes or Kos. These classic islands lie in the east Aegean near Turkey.

The Dodecanese islands

The Sporades islandsThe Sporades islands

Sail from Skiathos or Volos and explore the tranquil waters of these very green islands with some of the best beaches and setting for the movie musical "Mamma Mia"!

Volos, Pelion and the Sporades islands



The Ionian islandsThe Ionian islands

Charter a yacht from Lefkas, Preveza or Corfu. These islands are popular with flotillas due to the calm waters and short sailing distances

The Ionian islands

Northern GreeceHalkidiki and North Greece Sailing areas

Set sail from the northern capital: Thessaloniki or the Halkidiki peninsula or from Kavala. Relatively undiscovered, there are many beautiful spots to explore here.



Croatia, gulets and yachtsCroatia

We can offer a selection of sailing yachts, catamarans, gulets, motor yachts from Croatia.

Turkish Coast and the Greek islandsRhodes and the Turkish coast

We can offer a selection of gulets, motor yachts, bareboat and flotilla yachts from various bases in Turkey.



Charter yachts from our home town of Volos!

Boat and dinghy SkiathosWith more charter flights arriving at Volos Airport (Nea Ancheallos) there's no reason why you can't start your sailing odyssey from the same place that Jason started his in the Argo on his quest to find the Golden Fleece. You can also fly to Skiathos, Thessaloniki or Athens and transfer to Volos.

Volos offers a fantastic location to sail from because you are within easy sailing distance of Skiathos and the Sporades islands, as well as being in the Gulf of Volos, with beautiful quiet swimstops, villages and unspoilt locations. By land you can travel to mount Pelion and the famous rock-hewn monasteries at Meteora.

These islands are still relatively unspoilt and you will find peaceful bays and anchorages, and some of the best beaches in Europe, with few other visitors.Volos, the Gulf of Volos, Evia and Pelion - beautiful isolated areas, attractive Greek city with direct access to one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece, skiing opportunities in winter, few tourists and much to discover.

Volos Sailing Yachts for charter

Charter Yachts Worldwide!Worldwide yacht charters

Whether it's elsewhere in the Med, the Carribbean, the Seychelles, Thailand, the Bahamas, the BVI, Australia, the Americas or anywhere else, we can help to find you a boat wherever you plan to sail...

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